Lunatik Returns With Epik Apple Watch Aluminum Case & Strap System

Lunatik Returns With Epik Apple Watch Aluminum Case & Strap System

Customizing your Apple Watch is now easier than ever thanks to the plethora of third party accessories hitting the market. And if you’re feeling like going overboard in protecting your Apple Watch, then you’re going to like this. This is the Epik by Lunatik, notably the same company that brought you the iconic watch band system for the 6th generation iPod nano (AKA the original iWatch), which is applying that very same formula of greatness with its Epik case system for the Apple Watch. Unlike a standard case or replacement band offered by countless third party brands, Lunatik’s Epik takes things to the next level by completely transforming your Apple Watch into one tough wearable that can withstand your wild, and stylish lifestyle.

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Lucidream eXo Is A Stainless Steel Exo-Skeleton iPhone 6 Case

Lucidream eXo Is A Stainless Steel Exo-Skeleton iPhone 6 Case

We've seen our fair share of iPhone cases over the years, but there's one more irregular case that has caught our eye. And that case is the eXo by a company called Lucidream. This strikingly unique exo-skeleton case is fashioned out stainless steel that has been hand polished and comprised of three individual parts that interlock to protect the iPhone 6 from impacts and scratches – all while covering as little of the iPhone's svelte design as possible without degrading reception. Sounds familiar? While not an exact replica of Mod-3's aluminum-made Radius exo-skeleton case, the eXo case does share a stark resemblance to the Radius at its core, but is also a much more beefier and versatile variant that gets its industrial look and design from mechanical watch movements in that it features a clever non-screw or tool installation design with an integrated spring-damped impact absorption system.

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Cabin Brings MagSafe-Like Capabilities & Backup Power To iPhone

Cabin by a start-up compact called Hevo Labs is taking on Apple at its own game with possibly the sleekest charging accessory ever to be put on Kickstarter. And yes, this is yet another Kickstarter product that has surpassed its original funding goal of $50,000 within days. It seems like all the coolest product ideas stem from this amazing crowed-funding platform. All applauding aside, Cabin is an iPhone accessory that is trying to tackles two different things at once using the brilliant power of magnetism. This is one of those accessories that you'll desperately want.

Although it doesn't have the most attractive product name, Cabin sure does impress us with its all-aluminum and possibly the best looking, ultra-slim battery pack which attaches to the back of the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s using a MagSafe-like magnetic connection. It was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, yet it still packs a 2200mAh rechargeable battery under a svelte-looking, contoured aluminum unibody construction - which we think fits Apple's design language better than any battery case out there. That's partly because the Cabin battery isn't really a case.

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Elevation Stand, A Stunning Space-Saving Desk Stand For iMac & Thunderbolt Display

From the same people who brought you the incredibly amazing Elevation Dock for iPhone, comes yet another stunning Apple-inspired accessory. This time it's a unibody stand made for the iMac and Thunderbolt Display. Machined from solid, meticulously finished aluminum, Elevation Lab's new Elevation Stand is designed to raise your iMac up by 66mm to a more comfortable and ergonomic viewing height while taking up less desk space compared to other stands and platforms. With a seamless, screwless unibody construction - the Elevation Stand's hollowed interior lets you store peripherals such as an external backup hard drive or other items, while a chamfered hole opening at the back creates a clean cable management.

Every stand will get glass bead blasted, acid etched, electro-chemically polished, and deep anodized. It's the same finish we apply to Elevation Dock and Apple puts on Macbook Pros.

It takes a 90 million pounds press, the same machine used to help make the Tesla Model S, to extrude the profile of the Elevation Dock from a block of aluminum, which is then refined using glass bead blasting and anodizing techniques to closely match the smooth finish of the iMac's silver metal body.

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iMacompanion Introduces A Front-Facing USB Port On iMacs

Don’t you hate it when you need to plug in something into one of the USB ports inconveniently placed around the back of your iMac? Well, there’s a simple fix for your USB port plugging problem. iMacompanion is a sturdy USB extension port that sits at the front of your iMac’s pedestal base, giving you a much more convenient and hassle-free USB port experience at all times. It’s also designed to naturally compliment your iMac with its silver, sandblasted anodized aluminum construction and clean aesthetic.

The iMacompanion USB port uses an incredibly thin flat cable which is hidden from plain sight and is routed underneath the base of the iMac so it looks as if it were a built-in feature. What isn’t so impressive is that fact that at this point and time, the iMacompanion is still a USB 2.0 due to certain limitations with regard to its ultra-thin cable design. If that doesn’t bother you though, you can pre-order yours right now and help fund this product on Kickstarter for $29.

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Native Union's Jump Is A Smartphone Cable That Charges Itself

Jump is Native Union's one-of-a-kind, all-in-one Lightning connector cable and backup battery pack charger designed for the iPhone 5s, 5c and iPhone 5. Android, Windows Phone and any remaining BlackBerry users will be glad to know that the Jump is also being offered in a micro-USB version alongside the Lightning connector variant. Native Union's Jump combines a lengthy yet neatly organized Lightning connector to USB cable made out of a durable nylon material that works just like the one Apple provides with iPhones, but in the center it features a highly-portable battery pack with just enough juice to charge your iPhone back to 30% in case of an emergency battery drainage. You can technically use the Jump as a Lightning connector charge and sync cable with an iPad Air or iPad mini, but you definitely wouldn't want to use it as a backup battery charger for tablet use considering its ill-equipped battery capacity.

The all-in-one unit charges its built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery once it senses that your iPhone completed its charging, and intelligently switches the power from your computer's USB port or any other USB power adapter in order to charge itself without requiring additional charging cables like traditional backup battery packs. Though this may be an early flaw for the Jump if users won't be able to charge it by itself without having to connect its Lightning connector cable to an iPhone. Although we think Native Union may have simply left that small detail out with regards to charging the Jump on its own. Update: and indeed Native Union has reached out to us to clarify that the Jump will in fact recharge itself even when it isn't connected to a smartphone device.

The Jump features a cable organizer that let's you wrap excess cable when you're either charging your smartphone or fully wrap the 19" long cable around it when it's time to slip it into your pocket. And because the Jump is as light as two AA batteries and small enough to fit into your tiny coin pocket on your favorite pair of jeans, you won't have an excuse not to take it with you at all times. There are three battery status LED indicators to let you know the battery status of the Jump with a push of a button.

Native Union's Jump is currently available as an early pre-order gizmo over a Kickstarter for $35 - $40. Native Union is targeting the month of May as a final shipping date for pre-orders.

Up Your Game With The Nova Wireless External LED Flash For iPhone

iPhoneography is no laughing matter. And in fact this moniker has been the inspiration for a burst in camera accessories designed to enhance the way you shoot with your iPhone, namely tripod mounts, wireless shutter controllers, lenses and even light meter adapters. Now it's time to get on-board the "strobist" side of iPhoneography with a new app-enhanced Bluetooth accessory designed to work with the iPhone called Nova. Nova is an impossibly slim, wireless off-camera LED flash that enables you to get creative with how you light your subject using unrestricted angles and distances. Nova is so slim that you'll never have an excuse to leave it behind. Just slip it into your wallet as if it were another one of your credit cards, and bam you've got yourself proper lighting to get that superb shot using your iPhone.

The Nova flash uses 40 bright LEDs diffused by a white plastic diffusion panel resulting in soft, natural looking light on your subject. It's powered by an internal rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery that should give you about 150 flash cycles per full charge and a wireless Bluetooth range of up to 20ft. Using the free Nova iOS app is required at least until other camera apps will support Nova (Android support will soon follow). With the Nova app you'll also be able to control and adjust Nova's brightness intensity as well as how warm or cool you want your light output to be. Nova can be used as a hands-free wireless external flash, meaning that you can place it far away and shoot with your iPhone as it wirelessly triggers the LED flash in sync with the camera.

While we really like the Nova concept, it'll be a while until you can get your hands on the finished product which will be in early 2014. If you don't mind the wait, you can pre-order and secure your very own Nova wireless LED flash at a discounted price over at Kickstarter starting at $49.