Lucidream eXo Is A Stainless Steel Exo-Skeleton iPhone 6 Case

Lucidream eXo-Skeleton-iphone-6-stainless-steel-case.jpg

We've seen our fair share of iPhone cases over the years, but there's one more irregular case that has caught our eye. And that case is the eXo by a company called Lucidream. This strikingly unique exo-skeleton case is fashioned out stainless steel that has been hand polished and comprised of three individual parts that interlock to protect the iPhone 6 from impacts and scratches – all while covering as little of the iPhone's svelte design as possible without degrading reception. Sounds familiar? While not an exact replica of Mod-3's aluminum-made Radius exo-skeleton case, the eXo case does share a stark resemblance to the Radius at its core, but is also a much more beefier and versatile variant that gets its industrial look and design from mechanical watch movements in that it features a clever non-screw or tool installation design with an integrated spring-damped impact absorption system.

The eXo can also be customized with various add-ons, such as a leather wallet, that attach to an X-shaped centralized mounting point at the back of its twist-to-lock quick connect system. This means that the eXo case comes with its own unique eco-system of accessories that will work with the case itself like handlebar mounts, in-car dash mounts and belt clips enabling you to mount your device onto virtually anything using different types of eXo-compatible accessories.


Much like the Radius, the eXo provides a four corner protective layer using an X-shaped design that also protects the back side of the iPhone and lifts the front screen from coming in contact with a flat surface when the iPhone is faced down thanks to a minimal 1mm lip at each corner. Lucidream claims that the eXo's integrated spring system along with the strength of its stainless steel construction will help absorb and dampen shock from drops and impacts. The eXo case also leaves parts of the iPhone exposed as a result, allowing users to feel more of their device and experience the rounded glass edges when swiping across the touchscreen. The case also leaves all buttons, ports and speaker, camera and LED flash fully accessible to the user.


eXo holds onto the iPhone securely. it leaves your iPhone’s buttons, speakers and ports accessible and does not block the camera and flash. To operate the quick release system, simply open the release pad. You can attach your phone to a variety of accessories by inserting your accessory’s clover into the center of eXo. Lock the release pad to secure the accessory to your eXo and iPhone. 


eXo consists of 3 self-assembling parts: base arm, opposing arm, and the release pad. First, the release pad snaps on top of the base arm. Then, extending the release pad allows you to line up and insert the opposing arm. Finally, the release pad is realigned in the lock position, to complete the eXo assembly. To install an iPhone, simply open the four opposing arms and seat the iPhone in the center of eXo, then gently close the arms. The corner’s profile holds the bezel of your phone precisely and securely.

Lucidream's eXo case for the iPhone 6 is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter in Stainless Steel, Nitrite Black and Titanium Champagne colors starting at $85. Lucidream plans to release eXo cases for the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad Air, but none of those are available to be pre-ordered.