The Bandstand Docking Stand Will Charge Your Apple Watch At An Angle

The much anticipated launch date of the Apple Watch is fast approaching and there's already a growing selection of third party accessories for it. Along with protective cases and replacement straps, the Apple Watch now also has a stand to dock on - the first of its kind apparently. The Bandstand by Standzout, a company specialising in tablet floor stands and mounts, utilizes Apple's magnetic inductive charger to serve as a dedicated and substantial docking platform where you'll be able to set your Apple Watch to charge on a pivoting arm that can easily be adjusted to fit your desired viewing angle; as opposed to laying your Apple Watch flat on the table to charge like you would an iPhone or iPad. This might actually be something users will find useful.


The Apple Watch uses an innovative MagSafe-like magnetic charging connector that's designed to automatically pull itself into perfect alignment for charging when the metal connector comes in close proximity with the back cover of the Apple Watch, but unfortunately it does not prop the smartwatch at an optimal viewing angle. Something that the Bandstand wants to fix.

The Bandstand's pedestal-like base features additional USB ports for charging other devices like your iPhone and iPad. Not the most elegant solution for an Apple Watch accessory and certainly one that will take up quite a bit more desk space than one might be willing to sacrifice, but it's only an early start and we've got a feeling it's only the beginning. The Bandstand is currently a prototype that is being displayed at CES 2015, along with plenty more Apple Watch accessories.