TopGum Battery Charges Your iPhone With Its Built-In Lightning Cable

Just Mobile introduced its latest mobile accessory today called the TopGum, an ultra-portable backup battery that features a short built-in, retractable Lightning connector charging cable for hassle-free iPhone, iPad and iPod charging. Like Just Mobile's celebrated Gum++ battery, the Top Gum has a 6,000mAh battery capacity capable of charging an iPhone up to three times and an iPad mini up to 75%.

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Native Union's Jump Is A Smartphone Cable That Charges Itself

Jump is Native Union's one-of-a-kind, all-in-one Lightning connector cable and backup battery pack charger designed for the iPhone 5s, 5c and iPhone 5. Android, Windows Phone and any remaining BlackBerry users will be glad to know that the Jump is also being offered in a micro-USB version alongside the Lightning connector variant. Native Union's Jump combines a lengthy yet neatly organized Lightning connector to USB cable made out of a durable nylon material that works just like the one Apple provides with iPhones, but in the center it features a highly-portable battery pack with just enough juice to charge your iPhone back to 30% in case of an emergency battery drainage. You can technically use the Jump as a Lightning connector charge and sync cable with an iPad Air or iPad mini, but you definitely wouldn't want to use it as a backup battery charger for tablet use considering its ill-equipped battery capacity.

The all-in-one unit charges its built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery once it senses that your iPhone completed its charging, and intelligently switches the power from your computer's USB port or any other USB power adapter in order to charge itself without requiring additional charging cables like traditional backup battery packs. Though this may be an early flaw for the Jump if users won't be able to charge it by itself without having to connect its Lightning connector cable to an iPhone. Although we think Native Union may have simply left that small detail out with regards to charging the Jump on its own. Update: and indeed Native Union has reached out to us to clarify that the Jump will in fact recharge itself even when it isn't connected to a smartphone device.

The Jump features a cable organizer that let's you wrap excess cable when you're either charging your smartphone or fully wrap the 19" long cable around it when it's time to slip it into your pocket. And because the Jump is as light as two AA batteries and small enough to fit into your tiny coin pocket on your favorite pair of jeans, you won't have an excuse not to take it with you at all times. There are three battery status LED indicators to let you know the battery status of the Jump with a push of a button.

Native Union's Jump is currently available as an early pre-order gizmo over a Kickstarter for $35 - $40. Native Union is targeting the month of May as a final shipping date for pre-orders.

Power Your Apple Gadgets With Apple's Battery Charger

Apple today released a Battery Charger amongst other new gadgets. The new Battery Charger is plain and simple as it sounds, a battery charger for all your wireless Apple and non-Apple gadgets. Apple's Battery Charger is most likely the best quality battery charger you can get for the money, for $29, you get six AA high-performance NiMH rechargeable batteries that pack a 10-year lifespan. Apple's claims that this charger is the most energy-efficient. Hit up the source link to get yours.

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