I want Some Hexagon Shaped Hive Batteries

What do you think about redesigning that rounded battery we all so know and love? That's exactly what the designers of this battery concept called the Hive thought about. The idea behind the Hive battery is its hexagon design that will keep both AAA and AA batteries from rolling off tables causing havoc. The hexagon shaped batteries will also save up as much space as possible where rounded batteries only create useless gaps when stored together in packaging. These hexagon batteries look ultra cool too. I don't see why they wouldn't be able to maintain their odd shape and yet still fit in today's rounded chambers that we find in all of our gadgets. There is a problem when thinking about the science of the actual battery construction however.

Whether it's possible to maintain the same level of energy as the traditional cylindrical shape with these hexagon shaped batteries is up to the scientists and engineers. Sanyo, please out some rechargeable hexagon Eneloops!

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Third Rail System iPhone 4 Slim Case Has A Detachable Battery

I've seen my fair share of iPhone 4 battery cases, and even reviewed quite a few. Third Rail is hitting the battery case market hard with their new iPhone 4 battery case dubbed to be the world's slimmest battery enabled case on the market. What sets this iPhone 4 case from others is its detachable battery that attaches to the back of the case when you need to do some charging. The whole point here is to have a battery case without the bulk of a regular battery case that has a built-in battery which bulks up the form factor of the case permanently. The Third Rail System is the whole package to get you started including the slim iPhone 4 case as well as a detachable 1250mAh battery that also doubles as a universal gadget backup charger using micro-USB and included cables.


Third Rail's $59.99 Smart Batteries can be stacked up, up to 4 times to increase the battery capacity you carry. The iPhone 4 case and one detachable battery will set you back $89.99, but at least you're going to be future proof since the Smart Batteries are compatible with future Third Rail cases. Like a future Third Rail iPhone 5 case. All this sounds really good to me, I'll take 4 please. You can grab yours right now.

Sanyo Limited Edition Eneloop Tones Glitter Batteries

It's Sanyo's 5th anniversary of their Eneloop rechargeable batteries and to help celebarate, Sanyo is releasing limited edition Tones Glitter Eneloop batteries in both AA and AAA size flavors. Too bad these will only be available in Japan starting November 14th, I sure could use these colorful batteries inside my gadgets.

Source Sanyo via Engadget

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Power Your Apple Gadgets With Apple's Battery Charger

Apple today released a Battery Charger amongst other new gadgets. The new Battery Charger is plain and simple as it sounds, a battery charger for all your wireless Apple and non-Apple gadgets. Apple's Battery Charger is most likely the best quality battery charger you can get for the money, for $29, you get six AA high-performance NiMH rechargeable batteries that pack a 10-year lifespan. Apple's claims that this charger is the most energy-efficient. Hit up the source link to get yours.

Source Apple

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myGearStore 4th July Sale!


To celebrate Independence day, mygearstore is doing a 20% sale on all orders over $50. This includes all cases, bags, external batteries (including the Zagg sparq), headphones, gaming gear, iPod accessories, cameras and computer accessories. All you have to do is use the offer code "celebrate20" at checkout to receive the 20% discount. So, Happy 4th July!

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