Mophie Juice Pack Plays Well With Samsung's Galaxy S III Too

More so now then ever, we are using our mobile devices constantly and pushing it to its last drops of power. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can never have too much battery life. We've seen Mophie's battery cases for the iPhone, but now, after seeing Samsung's sales figures for the S III of a whopping 30 million units sold, Mophie's got a Juice Pack for the Galaxy S III. 

This ulta-thin and durable case is similar to that of the iPhone version. Housed in the back is a rechargeable battery that will theoretically double the life of your Galaxy S III. This means you'll get an extra 32 hours of music playback or 9 hours of consistent web browsing without having to worry about a thing. So if you do the math, this should last you an entire day without a problem. If you were worried about NFC or Android beam, the Juice Pack is compatible with them. On the backside, there is an LED display that informs you of the battery life as well. 

Coming in at $99.95, you can grab yourselves a Mophie Juice Pack today from their website and give your Galaxy S III the power it's been dreaming about. 

I want Some Hexagon Shaped Hive Batteries

What do you think about redesigning that rounded battery we all so know and love? That's exactly what the designers of this battery concept called the Hive thought about. The idea behind the Hive battery is its hexagon design that will keep both AAA and AA batteries from rolling off tables causing havoc. The hexagon shaped batteries will also save up as much space as possible where rounded batteries only create useless gaps when stored together in packaging. These hexagon batteries look ultra cool too. I don't see why they wouldn't be able to maintain their odd shape and yet still fit in today's rounded chambers that we find in all of our gadgets. There is a problem when thinking about the science of the actual battery construction however.

Whether it's possible to maintain the same level of energy as the traditional cylindrical shape with these hexagon shaped batteries is up to the scientists and engineers. Sanyo, please out some rechargeable hexagon Eneloops!

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Zagg Folio Might Be The Most Versatile iPad 2 Keyboard Case

There's been a growing number in iPad 2 keyboard cases lately with M.I.C's Aluminum KeyBoard Buddy and Adonit's Writer 2 being the latest bunch. It seems as though iPad users really dislike using touch keyboards. Zagg has recently released a newer, much better version of the Logitech Keyboard Case made by Zagg for the iPad 2. The new Zagg Folio is a less clunky solution for those who prefer to use a non-virtual keyboard. The Zagg Folio features an Apple-like chiclet Bluetooth keyboard with a rechargeable battery that is said to last you for weeks on a single charge. Zagg seems to have created a unique keyboard folio case for the iPad 2 with the Zagg Folio. You can completely remove the built-in keyboard with a standalone dock for portrait or landscape viewing angles. Having more options is always awesome. The Zagg Folio is available now for $99.99. Check out the Zagg Folio in action after the break.

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Sanyo Limited Edition Eneloop Tones Glitter Batteries

It's Sanyo's 5th anniversary of their Eneloop rechargeable batteries and to help celebarate, Sanyo is releasing limited edition Tones Glitter Eneloop batteries in both AA and AAA size flavors. Too bad these will only be available in Japan starting November 14th, I sure could use these colorful batteries inside my gadgets.

Source Sanyo via Engadget

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