Zagg Folio Might Be The Most Versatile iPad 2 Keyboard Case

There's been a growing number in iPad 2 keyboard cases lately with M.I.C's Aluminum KeyBoard Buddy and Adonit's Writer 2 being the latest bunch. It seems as though iPad users really dislike using touch keyboards. Zagg has recently released a newer, much better version of the Logitech Keyboard Case made by Zagg for the iPad 2. The new Zagg Folio is a less clunky solution for those who prefer to use a non-virtual keyboard. The Zagg Folio features an Apple-like chiclet Bluetooth keyboard with a rechargeable battery that is said to last you for weeks on a single charge. Zagg seems to have created a unique keyboard folio case for the iPad 2 with the Zagg Folio. You can completely remove the built-in keyboard with a standalone dock for portrait or landscape viewing angles. Having more options is always awesome. The Zagg Folio is available now for $99.99. Check out the Zagg Folio in action after the break.


Nir Schneider