Gekko Stand Looks To Be The Only Stand You’ll Ever Need

Kickstarter continues to be a breeding ground for great and innovative products for your favorite gadgets and Gekko Stand hopes to be the next. As a designer, Dwight Houser became sick of the stands and mounts available on the market due to their “one-trick pony” like functionality. Enter the Gekko Stand, a multi-function stand+mount that works with just about any device, anywhere. It uses a NanoSuction pad that allows it to stick to any flat surface and won't leave any sticky residue behind when finished. Use it as a mount for your smartphone while driving or turn it into a stand for your tablet when stationary. The adjustable arm is made up of several ball and socket joints that can be put together or taken apart to adapt to your specific situation. It's like an adult lego accessory for your gadgets. For non-flat surfaces, a clamp can be used and with an entry price of $30, this product is too good to pass up. Gekko Stand is less than $1000 from reaching its project goal on Kickstarter and will be funded on March 15th. 

Une Bobine: A Bendy Dock On A Flexible Stand

If the classic Apple docks are just too plain and simple for you, then FuseChicken’s Une Bobine is a great replacement for your iPhone docking needs. Simply stick it on the dock and bend the cable whichever way and angle you please. It also acts as a fantastic stand since you can manipulate it to fit all of your needs; placing it in front of you or in landscape mode lets you have a much more comfortable viewing angle.

This Kickstarter project has exceeded its funding goal and will be available for shipping around 2 months from now. If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these, you can pledge $25 on Kickstarter to preorder this unique accessory. 

Diff, The iPhone 4 Case That Can Do It All?

Meet the iPhone 4 case that does just about anything you want. Well, only 8 things really but that's a heck of a lot for an iPhone 4 case don't you think? The Diff case for the iPhone 4 is yet another one of those Kickstarter projects waiting to come to life if enough people pay interest. This case offers 8 different nifty features, just check out the full list of goodies below:

  1.  Adjustable, Removable Sun Shade provides better outdoor screen visibility
  2.  Adjustable, Removable Privacy Hood for texting, tweets, social, web, email
  3.  Rigid Hard-Cover protects glass screen (snaps to front or back - your choice)
  4.  Two Brass-Treaded Tripod Mount holes (landscape or portrait)
  5.  Durable Phone Bumper protects phone if dropped
  6.  Shade/Privacy Hood doubles as KickStand (landscape or portrait)
  7.  Attach to Belt-Loop, Purse, Key Chain via Carabiner clip hole
  8.  Ergonomic “Corner Bump” offering more ways to hold & improved comfort & stability.

There you go, that's 8 useful features depending on your personal preferences. Well, granted some of these aren't really good enough to be considered as a full feature, but some of you may just find them useful enough to warrant a purchase. Some may even think this is simply too much stuff crammed into a single iPhone 4 case, while that may be true, the $30 pre-order price does seem tempting. Too bad the Diff isn't water-proof as well, then I would be sure to rack up a few. The Diff is definitely different.

Thanks for the tip, Cal!

Nir Schneider


Use Your Phone As A Portable Scanner With Scandy

Scanners and all-in-one printers are a thing of the past. Scandy is said to be the future of document scanning. It lets you turn any smartphone into a portable desk scanner using its built-in camera. We know the iPhone 4 has a superb camera on its back, but is that enough to entice users to start using it to scan important documents? Scandy thinks so. The Scandy is a beautifully designed telescoping stand arm made out of plastic and also comes in an aluminum version, allowing you to adjust the height in order to fit different sized documents or photos and scan them 10 times faster than a traditional scanner. The idea is to take non-blurry photos of documents. Scandy may have hit a new market for scanning solutions with this Ikea desk leg look-alike, but as far as I'm concerned, smartphones aren't ready yet to compete against the real deal.

Scandy is currently a new Kickstarter project, but you can already pre-order yours for $40 and $100 for the platinum aluminum anodized version.

Nir Schneider


Motorized Lego iPad Stand (Video)

A bored iPad user decided to make his spare time a little more useful and built his very own Lego stand complete with an electric motor that can adjust the viewing angle by a press of a button. How useful is that? Some would even call it the best stand for the lazy bunch. If you geeky Lego fans must know, the stand was built using a 8052 Lego container truck set. Video after the break!

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Twelve South's Compass Got Hit With A Splash Of Color

One of our favorite accessory makers, Twelve South, has just released two new color selections for the Compass stand for the iPad and iPad 2. In addition to the raw, silvery aluminum Compass stand, a hot looking candy apple red and stealthy black colors now accompany the heavy gauge steel easel stand. The pocket sized Compass stand folds open to let you set your iPad, or iPad 2 in various different angles. And it also doubles as a typing workstation. See it in action in our full review right here. The new color additions will look great against the back aluminum of the iPad and iPad 2, and even pop more if you've got a white iPad 2. Twelve South's Compass is available now in all three colors for $39.99.

Nir Schneider


Wingstand Will Marry Your Tablet & Smartphone With Your Keyboard

This neat little accessory called the Wingstand, takes advantage of your existing Apple Wireless Keyboard and attached to it in order to marry your iPad, tablet, eReader and even a smartphone into a touchscreen working horse. The Wingstand is possibly the tiniest and most portable stand solution we've ever seen before. Of course you can always get one of those keyboard cases, but the Wingstand was created for those who already have all the parts necessary in making their own Multi-Touch computer on the cheap. Wingstand even works with most incased tablets and smartphones so you'll always stay safe and protected. Your gadget will that is. Even Apple's Smart Cover, although that really defeats the purpose of having a Smart Cover isn't it.

Check out the video after the break for some geekiness action. If you like what you see, then you can pre-order a Wingstand for $20 over at Kickstarter. We've got much love for Kickstarter here at Gadgetmac.

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