MobileMount+ Will Mount Your Smartphone Onto Anything


The dual-slinging, double suction cup mount MobileMount, is back with one more additional feature that warrants its MobileMount+ moniker. What sets the MobileMount+ apart from the previous generation, is its ability to separate into two pieces - one of which has the ability to attach onto any tripod head thanks to its threaded 1/4" ball joint connection. Like the MobileMount, the MobileMount+ is a compact double suction cup mount designed to allow users to mount virtually any smartphone with a flat back onto a variety of surfaces to be used as an in-car GPS device amongst many other applications, while a ball joint let's you adjust the viewing angles.

The MobileMount+ can also be used as a tablet kickstand with adjustable set of tilting angles. The MobileMount+ can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter starting at $30, in black or white colors.

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Studio Neat Outs Glif+ iPhone Tripod Mount With Extreme Add-Ons

We love the Glif at Gadgetmac and think it's one of the best tripod mount adapters available for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 out there. Great news for iPhone photogs came out from Studio Neat of a new add-on called the Serif and Ligature that help the Glif be that much better. The Serif attaches to the bottom stand slot of the Glif and further provides additional support and secure hold of your iPhone in more extreme conditions like shooting upsides down or mounting your iPhone on your bike using the Gorillapod flexible tripod while the Ligature is a metal keyring loop attachment the screws to the Glif's tripod thread.

The $12 +Pack is for those who already own a Glif and want in on the fun while the $30 Glif+ includes a Glif and both Serif and Ligature adapters besides the classic $20 Glif tripod mount. Both the +Pack and Glif+ packages are expected to start shipping in two weeks' time. Studio Neat has also made good use of the Glif+ packaging that transforms into a mini table tripod for that novelty effect. Video after the break!

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Diff, The iPhone 4 Case That Can Do It All?

Meet the iPhone 4 case that does just about anything you want. Well, only 8 things really but that's a heck of a lot for an iPhone 4 case don't you think? The Diff case for the iPhone 4 is yet another one of those Kickstarter projects waiting to come to life if enough people pay interest. This case offers 8 different nifty features, just check out the full list of goodies below:

  1.  Adjustable, Removable Sun Shade provides better outdoor screen visibility
  2.  Adjustable, Removable Privacy Hood for texting, tweets, social, web, email
  3.  Rigid Hard-Cover protects glass screen (snaps to front or back - your choice)
  4.  Two Brass-Treaded Tripod Mount holes (landscape or portrait)
  5.  Durable Phone Bumper protects phone if dropped
  6.  Shade/Privacy Hood doubles as KickStand (landscape or portrait)
  7.  Attach to Belt-Loop, Purse, Key Chain via Carabiner clip hole
  8.  Ergonomic “Corner Bump” offering more ways to hold & improved comfort & stability.

There you go, that's 8 useful features depending on your personal preferences. Well, granted some of these aren't really good enough to be considered as a full feature, but some of you may just find them useful enough to warrant a purchase. Some may even think this is simply too much stuff crammed into a single iPhone 4 case, while that may be true, the $30 pre-order price does seem tempting. Too bad the Diff isn't water-proof as well, then I would be sure to rack up a few. The Diff is definitely different.

Thanks for the tip, Cal!

Nir Schneider