Diff, The iPhone 4 Case That Can Do It All?

Meet the iPhone 4 case that does just about anything you want. Well, only 8 things really but that's a heck of a lot for an iPhone 4 case don't you think? The Diff case for the iPhone 4 is yet another one of those Kickstarter projects waiting to come to life if enough people pay interest. This case offers 8 different nifty features, just check out the full list of goodies below:

  1.  Adjustable, Removable Sun Shade provides better outdoor screen visibility
  2.  Adjustable, Removable Privacy Hood for texting, tweets, social, web, email
  3.  Rigid Hard-Cover protects glass screen (snaps to front or back - your choice)
  4.  Two Brass-Treaded Tripod Mount holes (landscape or portrait)
  5.  Durable Phone Bumper protects phone if dropped
  6.  Shade/Privacy Hood doubles as KickStand (landscape or portrait)
  7.  Attach to Belt-Loop, Purse, Key Chain via Carabiner clip hole
  8.  Ergonomic “Corner Bump” offering more ways to hold & improved comfort & stability.

There you go, that's 8 useful features depending on your personal preferences. Well, granted some of these aren't really good enough to be considered as a full feature, but some of you may just find them useful enough to warrant a purchase. Some may even think this is simply too much stuff crammed into a single iPhone 4 case, while that may be true, the $30 pre-order price does seem tempting. Too bad the Diff isn't water-proof as well, then I would be sure to rack up a few. The Diff is definitely different.

Thanks for the tip, Cal!

Nir Schneider