AL13, The Nicest iPhone 5 Bumper Case You’ve Ever Seen

Purchasing the iPhone is an easy buy with it’s slick design, speedy software, and quality build, but It’s figuring out which case you want that takes the longest. All inclusive cases are usually bulky and expensive. Want something with a minimalist design? Say goodbye to protection. For those who have been looking for that perfect balance, look no further than the AL13 by “designed by m.”

Creators of the AL13 were looking for a sleek and high quality iPhone bumper case but could never find something that fit their needs. Cases were either too cheap in material and build quality or overly expensive and unaffordable. They decided that if they couldn’t find it on the market, they would craft it themselves. Welcome the AL13. The case features an aerospace aluminum build with rubber bumper interiors to keep your iPhone scratch free. It uses a slide cover so putting it on is super simple. It weighs less than 16 grams and comes with an anodized finish in red, black, silver and a special Kickstarter green. If Apple put in as much work into their iPhone bumper cases as they did their computers and tablets, this is what it would look like.

Be the envy of all your friends. Support designed by m and see to it that you get yourself the only case you’ll ever need. The goal of $20,000 has been reached but you’ve still got time to pick up a case before it retails for $79.99 in April. The early adopter price of $45 is not available anymore but you can still pre-order one for $55 and if you’re looking for the special edition green case, it’ll be $10 more.

The Next iPhone Will Feature NFC Support?

9to5mac reported that NFC (Near Field Communication) is allegedly coming to the next iPhone sometime this fall. The integration of NFC to the iPhone has been in the rumor mills for quite some time now, first appearing with the announcement of the iPhone 4. Now, there has been evidence found in the latest hardware codes that points towards a NFC controller inside the next iPhone. 

NFC technology can be easily tied in with the latest announcement of Apple's Passbook. You can make transcations wirelessly, instead of having to scan any barcodes off of the screen. Aside from swiping plane tickets and gift cards, you will also be able to make purchases with your credit card through NFC-compatible registers. If you wanted to swap contact information with new business partners or friends, you can easily do that just by simply being close to each other. The potential for quick and easy information sharing is endless. 

Bitplay Transforms Your iPhone Into A Camera

There are a plethora of iPhone cases out in the market right now, each with its own unique functionality or appearance to catch your attention. Bitplay will certainly catch your attention. The creators at Bitplay decided to emphasize the new 8MP camera in the iPhone 4S with their new Bitplay SNAP! What better way to do that than to create a case that turns your iPhone into an actual camera? It even has a shutter button that takes advantage of the iOS’s volume-up bottom functionality. This unique case will catch anybody’s attention with its flashy design.

An iPhone case should be able to express its user’s personality and be one of a kind, rather than be dull and boring like the typical cases we see people wrapping their gorgeous iPhones in. If you are looking for a fun case to show off to your friends, you can head over to Bitplay’s website for more information.

Miniot Wood Pouch Gives Your iPhone A Woody

This Holland-based company brings an iconic design for your iPhone 4/4S made of authentic wood. Unlike the typical plastic or silicone cases most companies are producing, Miniot gives your iPhone an organic aura, infusing technology with nature. The Miniot Pouch features a soft interior to protect your iPhone from scratches and a hard wooden shell to prevent any dents and cracks. With a simple one-touch lock release on the other side, you can easily slide your iPhone out to use.

This thin and lightweight piece of wood will provide your iPhone with both protection and a unique look. You can even request a custom engraving for an extra fee. Miniot also offers a number of different types of wood: Cherry, Mahogany, Padouk, Walnut, Wenge, or Zebrawood. The Miniot Pouch will be available in two weeks; pre-order yours on their website for €59, around $74.

SwitchEasy Melts Paint On Your iPhone 4S With The Melt Case

We knew SwitchEasy released a slew of new iPhone cases as of late, but SwitchEasy's most recent new release will make you crave ice cream in December. SwitchEasy's new Melt cases for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 are two-piece, slider cases with what looks like melting plastic or paint dripping from the top on both sides of the case so you'll never get bored looking at the front of your iPhone from now on. The Melt cases come in a wide range of two-tone colors, 6 wild colors to be exact for $34.99. The Melt case is made out of a scratch-resistant, tough polycarbonate that promises great grip with a duo of glossy and matte finishes and inner felt lining while the melting texture is three-dimensional. You can grab yours right now.

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Studio Neat Outs Glif+ iPhone Tripod Mount With Extreme Add-Ons

We love the Glif at Gadgetmac and think it's one of the best tripod mount adapters available for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 out there. Great news for iPhone photogs came out from Studio Neat of a new add-on called the Serif and Ligature that help the Glif be that much better. The Serif attaches to the bottom stand slot of the Glif and further provides additional support and secure hold of your iPhone in more extreme conditions like shooting upsides down or mounting your iPhone on your bike using the Gorillapod flexible tripod while the Ligature is a metal keyring loop attachment the screws to the Glif's tripod thread.

The $12 +Pack is for those who already own a Glif and want in on the fun while the $30 Glif+ includes a Glif and both Serif and Ligature adapters besides the classic $20 Glif tripod mount. Both the +Pack and Glif+ packages are expected to start shipping in two weeks' time. Studio Neat has also made good use of the Glif+ packaging that transforms into a mini table tripod for that novelty effect. Video after the break!

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Popa iPhone Shutter Release Button Grip Now Shipping, Gets Unboxed

Formerly called Red Pop, Popa the big juicy red shutter button adding accessory for both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 is now shipping and is eager to replace your iPhone's silly volume button. Popa was carefully designed to have a solid aluminum body with real black leather grip textured similarly to those you would find on expensive Leica cameras while a tripod mount underneath completes the Popa's camera grip functionality. The Popa powers using the iPhone's dock connector and once it finds itself attached, the Popa app automatically launches. The Popa includes a leather wrist strap that attaches to the bottom tripod mount as well as a storage pouch. You can grab yours now for £49.99 ($77.48).

Catch the unboxing and hands-on overview video right after the jump!

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