Mophie Space Pack Battery Case, First To Offer Built-In Flash Storage

Mophie most innovative new product yet it called the Space Pack – a battery case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 that although may look a lot like the company's Juice Pack series of battery cases externally, it's the world's first battery case to feature built-in flash storage. Mophie's new Space Pack battery case comes in 16GB and 32GB storage capacities that expand your iPhone's stock internal storage capacity using Mophie's iOS app allowing you to shoot thousands of additional photos, and store a lot more movies, music and documents.

You'll also be able to access the Space Pack's internal flash storage using your computer. The Space Pack also comes standard with a built-in 1700mAh rechargeable battery, which Mophie claims will double your iPhone's battery life. It'll be available in matte black and glossy white for $149 (16GB) and $179 (32GB). The Space Pack is currently exclusive to the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5.

Mobee Intros Magic Case, Magic Cable Accessories For iOS Devices

The latest inductive charging tech to come out of Mobee this year is in the form of an iPhone case. Mobee's new Magic Case is the smallest, lightest, most powerful battery case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 to feature inductive wireless charging. Two models of the Magic Case battery case will be available on April 1st in five vibrant colors: a Magic Case with a 1500mAh battery capacity priced at $80, and a more powerful one with a 2100mAh battery capacity, which is priced at $120 and should triple the battery life of the iPhone 5s. Both Magic Case models can be recharged traditionally via an included USB cable, Mobee's portable Magic Juice backup battery pack as well as wirelessly on Mobee's Magic Feet or Magic Charger wireless inductive charging pads.

The only drawback that comes with it is that you'll need to purchase one of Mobee's wireless charging pads sepertely to take advantage of the Magic Case's wireless charging capability. And from what we understand, Mobee's wireless inductive charging is not universally Qi-supported.

In addition to that, Mobee has also announced that its new Magic Cable will be released alongside the Magic Case on April 1st for $20. The Magic Cable is a more robust, flat lightning connector to USB charge and sync cable designed for use with all Lightning iOS devices that also features svelte-looking aluminum connector tips. Mobee promises its Magic Cable will not tangle and that it can withstand arduous use.

Typo iPhone Keyboard Case Makes You Type Better, Knocks BlackBerry

Ironic naming aside, Typo is somewhat of a revolutionary keyboard case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s in that it's one of the slimmest, minimalist cases to offer a physical QWERTY backlit keyboard with a built-in rechargeable battery that instead of using a mechanical sliding undercarriage that would otherwise make your iPhone much more bulkier, seamlessly overlays right below the touchscreen offering immediate typing access as if you were using one of your favorite BlackBerry device. It's a brilliant, albeit respectfully unoriginal concept that is an actual product which will start to ship next month. Though you can pre-order yours right now for a whopping $100.

Typo's BlackBerry Q10-style keyboard completely overlays on top of the iPhone's home button or Touch ID home button on the iPhone 5s, and while iPhone 5s users will sadly have to live without using their fingerprint sensor as a quick passcode entry, the Typo does indeed offer a home button function key on the far bottom right corner. Because Typo's keyboard wirelessly pairs with your iPhone using Bluetooth, you gain 40% more screen real estate when typing. Unfortunately the Typo will use Bluetooth 3.0 instead of the updated 4.1 version which should consume less power and yield superior battery life. The guys behind the Typo aren't saying anything about battery life other than being able to fully recharge the Typo's small 180mAh internal battery in less than an hour. 

The slider-style plastic case itself doesn't seem to impress as much as the backlit keyboard though, and it could use some more refinement around the where the two parts connect. But hopefully the Typo keyboard case will live up to its incredible potential. The Typo will have a matte soft-touch rubberized black finish that should give the case a smooth and comfortable to hold feel. Did we mention Ryan Seacrest is one of Typo's founders? Be sure to hop past the break to see the Typo in action!

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Dosh Reveals Syncro iPhone 5s Wallet Case, Holds Cards Plus Cash

When a wallet brand makes a wallet case, and not the other way around, we find the promise and potential in it to be something worthwhile. Especially when that wallet brand is Dosh of Australia. Like all of Dosh's unique wallets, the new Syncro sports a really unique shape made out of the incredibly durable and water resistant TPU material which we found to be highly resilient to wear and tear. Our review of Dosh's amazing Collab Stab 6-card wallet can be found on our Alt section.

The Syncro is first a wallet, not a case, which is why it has been designed to hold up to 6 credit cards in either of its external rear and front card slots along with a bit of cash. With side openings for easier device ejection, your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 slides into the Syncro from the top like a hard rigid sleeve where it is kept secure and protected whilst enabling you to leave behind your wallet yet take all your daily pocket essentials with you in one small package. It may not be for everyone, but if you're one to rock your iPhone naked, the Syncro wallet could very well be a compelling proposition, albeit a bulky one no less. Dosh's Syncro is now available in 8 different color schemes for $70.

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Magpul's New iPhone 5s Bump Case Reports For Duty

Magpul's highly anticipated tactical Bump Case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 is now available in 7 colors for $27. Although it features a similar textured ribbed surface design as the inexpensive Field Case we reviewed, the Bump Case offers more protection in that it combines a hard polymer exterior shell with a shock absorbing semi-rigid interior layer to maximize protection against abrasions and impacts without adding unnecessary bulk. The Bump Case's hybrid dual co-moulded material construction is reminiscent of the all too popular Speck CandyShell, albeit tactical in the way it looks and feels.

The company that is more known for manufacturing third party tactical gear for weapons managed to impress us with its affordably priced, USA-made iPhone cases in the past, namely the Field Case for the iPhone 5 which has proven to be a really terrific value for the amount of grip, fit and finish it offered compared to countless cases selling at more than double the price. While it's true that now Magpul has raised the price of its original Field Case from $13 to $17, we think it still remains to be a superb option. The Bump Case on the other hand will set you back $27, however, understandably so as it's a more complex case to produce.

Trunket's Mojito Cradles Your iPhone 5s With American Leather & Aluminum

Trunket has released its new and first line of beautifully handcrafted iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 cases called the Mojito. Made out of American leather with rigid brushed aluminum side accents and hand-sewn saddle stitches, the Mojito is designed for people who like to use their iPhone without a case on but require stylish protection during down times. With a slim side-loading slot design, the Mojito encases the iPhone like a sleeve while a notch allows you to easily pull it out.

Trunket's Mojito can be pre-ordered for $105 in 5 different leather colors, and is expected to start shipping by the end of the month.

Adopted Leather Folio Case Wraps Your iPhone 5S With Compliments

Adopted has introduced two classy full-grain leather folio cases for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S that feature complimenting gold and pewter silver metallic elements with chic aesthetics. Appealing to those who desire not only a more encompassing solution, but an integrated interior card pocket - Adopted's Leather Folio case is made using genuine full-grain leather on the exterior with a soft suede interior to protect the iPhone display. What ties the leather with the rest of the case is the Leather Folio's unique and patented "non-conductive metallized" frame which gives the case its stylish, luxury look.

The Leather Folio features front, back, and side protection, easy snap-in installation, and full access to all buttons, ports as well as the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S. The Leather Folio is available in two color combinations: pewter leather with silver accents, and white leather with gold accents for $59.95. You can pre-order one today, and expect to get your hands on it in early October. The Leather Folio case will also be available at Apple retail stores around the world.