Griffin Outs Redesigned PowerMate Bluetooth Desktop Power Tool

Oooooo shiny! If you're like us, you probably love streamlined gadgets that are machined from metal, have some form of lighting and are designed to sit atop of your desk while you fondle them. That is exactly the sole purpose of Griffin's newly revamped PowerMate. Griffin's iconic multi-function controller knob, which was first introduced back in 2001 and has since made cameos in numerous futuristic blockbuster movies due to its timeless design - is now even sleeker and more beautiful than ever. The newly redesigned PowerMate Bluetooth is an even more stylish multi-funtion power tool for the novice and pro computer user. It's also now fully wireless thanks to buil-in Bluetooth connectivity, hence its name.

Described as a clickable knob by perphase everyone that comes in contact with it, the PowerMate Blueooth can be programmed to execute a wide array of key commands in virtually any application. Users can streamline routine tasks such as editing home movies like a pro, scrolling through long documents, or creating audio masterpieces.

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Magpul's New iPhone 5s Bump Case Reports For Duty

Magpul's highly anticipated tactical Bump Case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 is now available in 7 colors for $27. Although it features a similar textured ribbed surface design as the inexpensive Field Case we reviewed, the Bump Case offers more protection in that it combines a hard polymer exterior shell with a shock absorbing semi-rigid interior layer to maximize protection against abrasions and impacts without adding unnecessary bulk. The Bump Case's hybrid dual co-moulded material construction is reminiscent of the all too popular Speck CandyShell, albeit tactical in the way it looks and feels.

The company that is more known for manufacturing third party tactical gear for weapons managed to impress us with its affordably priced, USA-made iPhone cases in the past, namely the Field Case for the iPhone 5 which has proven to be a really terrific value for the amount of grip, fit and finish it offered compared to countless cases selling at more than double the price. While it's true that now Magpul has raised the price of its original Field Case from $13 to $17, we think it still remains to be a superb option. The Bump Case on the other hand will set you back $27, however, understandably so as it's a more complex case to produce.

Logitech Outs FabricSkin, Ultrathin Keyboard Folio Cases For iPad Air

Logitech has introduced two new fully protective slim keyboard folio cases designed for the iPad Air - the $150 FabricSkin Keyboard Folio featuring a slim design with a seamless fabric-covered and durable water-repellant Bluetooth keyboard integration with a "wipe-clean" surface similar to that of Surface Touch Cover, as well as the $100 Ultrathin Keyboard Folio which is essentially an identical folio cover but features a different Bluetooth keyboard design that isn't water-resistant and has individually laid out keys. It's also marginally thicker than the FabricSkin's built-in keyboard as a result.

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Get Your OS X Mavericks Wave Wallpaper Right Here

We bet you're anxious to try OS X Mavericks, but you'll have to hold out for a while until you can get your hands on it. Until then, we've got the official Mavericks Wave wallpaper for you to download right away. Click the image above to download the full sized 2560X1440 wallpaper. A massive 5120X2880 Retina version can be found here.

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PowerSkin Pop'n Offers An Alternative Solution For A Battery Case

PowerSkin unveiled its new Pop'n accessory that's compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4/S and most Android devices including the Galaxy S3. Contrary to the Juice Pack cases and the like, PowerSkin's Pop'n is a unique and versatile external 2000mAh slim battery pack attachment that securely sticks to the back of your bare device using 24 tiny tentacle-like suction cups. In addition, the Pop'n's unique hybrid design let's you use most slim cases if you prefer having the benefit of protection so long as they've got a flat surface for the suction cups to adhere; and a wide enough bottom port opening to fit the Pop'n's charging connector.

The Pop'n battery connects using to a device using a unique Flex Tip connector, which is basically an interchangeable plug that's available in Lightning, micro-USB and 30-pin variants. It can flex to fit different types of devices and protective cases which have different thicknesses. You can find the full list of compatible Android and iOS smartphones after the break.

The Pop'n's glossy plastic back features a set of four battery status LEDs with an on/off button. PowerSkin says that you'll be able to purchase separate Flex Tip connectors soon, and that additional colors will be available. But the good news is that the Pop'n battery attachment is now available in white and black colors for the iPhone 5 and smartphones with a micro-USB. The Pop'n with a Lightning connector will set you back $80, while lucky Android users pay $10 less for the micro-USB variant.

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The Wallee Lets You Dock Your iPad On A Wall

This might be the most simple wall mount for the iPad ever. The Wallee lets your dock your iPad on the wall of your choice by using a simple and small wall plate which is patented and is shaped like a plus +. All you need to do is screw the wall plate into your wall and use The Wallee case that just slips and interlocks right onto that plus wall mount you have installed. You can twist it on and off at an angle, and also position your iPad in portrait or landscape modes easily and quickly. This just might be for you, but keep in mind that it only offers very minimal usage and basically lets you hang your iPad as if it was a digital picture on a wall. The Wallee comes in five colors with a price tag of $49.95 Australian dollars + free shipping worldwide (yes The Wallee will ship to you from the land down unda), which isn't a bad deal at all. If you want more than one wall mount, you can get extra ones for $10 a piece. 

Source The Wallee

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RIM Announces BlackBerry Torch 9800 and OS 6

At 11am EST, Ralph De La Vega (President and CEO of AT&T) and Mike Lazaridis (President of RIM) took to the stage in NY to give the presentation all Blackberry fans have been waiting for. At the event, they announced the “greatest Blackberry ever” going by the name of the Blackberry Torch 9800 and then following the event, Blackberry announced OS 6, which will debut on the new Torch on August 12th, with the Bold 9700, Bold 9650 and the Pearl 3G also to receive OS 6 later on.

 Firstly, the Blackberry Torch 9800 is the first touch screen, portrait QWERTY keyboard phone from Blackberry. (Like the Palm Pre) It has a 3.2″ 480 x 360 capacitive touch screen, 802.11n  Wi-Fi, 4GB of onboard storage with a 4GB microSD card in the Box, 512MB of ROM and 512MB of RAM, a quadband GSM 3G radio, an optical trackpad, a new feature called Media Sync that’ll let you sync your media library right over WiFi, a 5 megapixel camera and of course it runs OS 6. In America it will cost $199.99 with a 2-year contract with AT&T.



Right, on to OS 6. OS 6 is the long awaited 6th installment to the Blackberry OS. The main features of the new software apart from the name change from “Blackberry OS” to just Blackberry”, are a universal search, better social networking intergration, and the very long overdue WebKit browser with support for HTML5. As I said above, it will be available on the Blackberry Torch at launch with the Bold 9700, Bold 9650 and the Pearl 3G also to receive OS 6 later on.

Source RIM via AT&T