The Wallee Lets You Dock Your iPad On A Wall

This might be the most simple wall mount for the iPad ever. The Wallee lets your dock your iPad on the wall of your choice by using a simple and small wall plate which is patented and is shaped like a plus +. All you need to do is screw the wall plate into your wall and use The Wallee case that just slips and interlocks right onto that plus wall mount you have installed. You can twist it on and off at an angle, and also position your iPad in portrait or landscape modes easily and quickly. This just might be for you, but keep in mind that it only offers very minimal usage and basically lets you hang your iPad as if it was a digital picture on a wall. The Wallee comes in five colors with a price tag of $49.95 Australian dollars + free shipping worldwide (yes The Wallee will ship to you from the land down unda), which isn't a bad deal at all. If you want more than one wall mount, you can get extra ones for $10 a piece. 

Source The Wallee

Nir Schneider