PowerSkin Pop'n Offers An Alternative Solution For A Battery Case

PowerSkin unveiled its new Pop'n accessory that's compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4/S and most Android devices including the Galaxy S3. Contrary to the Juice Pack cases and the like, PowerSkin's Pop'n is a unique and versatile external 2000mAh slim battery pack attachment that securely sticks to the back of your bare device using 24 tiny tentacle-like suction cups. In addition, the Pop'n's unique hybrid design let's you use most slim cases if you prefer having the benefit of protection so long as they've got a flat surface for the suction cups to adhere; and a wide enough bottom port opening to fit the Pop'n's charging connector.

The Pop'n battery connects using to a device using a unique Flex Tip connector, which is basically an interchangeable plug that's available in Lightning, micro-USB and 30-pin variants. It can flex to fit different types of devices and protective cases which have different thicknesses. You can find the full list of compatible Android and iOS smartphones after the break.

The Pop'n's glossy plastic back features a set of four battery status LEDs with an on/off button. PowerSkin says that you'll be able to purchase separate Flex Tip connectors soon, and that additional colors will be available. But the good news is that the Pop'n battery attachment is now available in white and black colors for the iPhone 5 and smartphones with a micro-USB. The Pop'n with a Lightning connector will set you back $80, while lucky Android users pay $10 less for the micro-USB variant.

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iPhone 5 Tip: How To Maintain Your Battery Life

The longevity of your iPhone 5's battery is determined by how well you treat it. Kind of like giving your car its maintenance check every now and then. A properly maintained iPhone 5 battery is said to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after around 400 charging cycles. That's pretty great for rechargeable smartphone batteries. But if and only if you properly follow Apple's suggested iPhone battery guidelines. Apple suggests that you completely charge your iPhone's battery and drain it down until it shuts off on its own with use, at least once per month. This insures that the lithium battery refreshens its juicy bits inside it and renews the electrons. But the same holds true to all of Apple's devices in case you didn't know. Do this and your iPhone will hold a charge for a long time to come.

Nir Schneider