AL13, The Nicest iPhone 5 Bumper Case You’ve Ever Seen

Purchasing the iPhone is an easy buy with it’s slick design, speedy software, and quality build, but It’s figuring out which case you want that takes the longest. All inclusive cases are usually bulky and expensive. Want something with a minimalist design? Say goodbye to protection. For those who have been looking for that perfect balance, look no further than the AL13 by “designed by m.”

Creators of the AL13 were looking for a sleek and high quality iPhone bumper case but could never find something that fit their needs. Cases were either too cheap in material and build quality or overly expensive and unaffordable. They decided that if they couldn’t find it on the market, they would craft it themselves. Welcome the AL13. The case features an aerospace aluminum build with rubber bumper interiors to keep your iPhone scratch free. It uses a slide cover so putting it on is super simple. It weighs less than 16 grams and comes with an anodized finish in red, black, silver and a special Kickstarter green. If Apple put in as much work into their iPhone bumper cases as they did their computers and tablets, this is what it would look like.

Be the envy of all your friends. Support designed by m and see to it that you get yourself the only case you’ll ever need. The goal of $20,000 has been reached but you’ve still got time to pick up a case before it retails for $79.99 in April. The early adopter price of $45 is not available anymore but you can still pre-order one for $55 and if you’re looking for the special edition green case, it’ll be $10 more.

Lumawake Is The First SMART Dock For The iPhone

The guys at Lumawake seem to have thought of everything from the moment that you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. They take the dock and completely redesigns it for much bigger purposes than just to act as a seat for your iPhone. With the proper set up, you can have this little guy power your entire house. It's the smartest dock we've ever seen.

Constructed out of a similar material as your iPhone, the Lumawake dock blends right in with all of your other Apple devices and has some exciting hardware features. Packed with multi-color LEDs, the dock will automatically light up whenever you want to dock or undock your iPhone due to the infrared motion sensors built in. On top of that, it can keep track of your sleeping patterns without the use of annoying bracelets or other external devices, just download their app. This product is much more impressive when you see it, so make sure to check out their product video after the break.

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JBL's First With Lightning Docks


 Now that the iPhone 5 buzz is slowly dying down, JBL is in the news today with the very first Lightning connector iOS docks. The OnBeat Micro and OnBeat Venue Lightning are the first ones to hit the market running. Both of them are sleek and designed to match the sexy vibes your iPhone 5 gives off; I think it worked. 

The OnBeat Micro features a compact design that will play nicely with your iPhone 5. It'll charge your phone and play music through both AC power or battery. The OnBeat Venue Lightning is the big papa version, blasting out 30 watts of powerful audio through any of your Lightning dock devices, including your iPad mini and iPad. It's also rocking a Bluetooth functionality for wireless streaming. 

The OnBeat Micro will run you a whopping $99.95 while the OnBeat Venue Lightning could make you tear up a bit at $199.95. Hey, if you want the latest and greatest, you best prepare your credit card for the next months to come. They're both available for preorder and will ship "when available."  


Finally, A Dock Fit For Your Gorgeous iPhone 5

Ever since the rumors of the Lightning connector, manufacturers have been rushing to supply customers with a dock that is just as awesome as the iPhone 5 itself, especially considering that Apple isn't directly selling any docks. Lots of people tried but not many have succeeded; we think Dock+ just might be what we've been looking for. 

Taking a solid piece of steel, the creators of Dock+ infuses great and simple design with a clear function into the perfect dock for your iPhone 5 or any other product with a Lightning connector, such as the iPad mini and the new iPod Touch. As it is created out of a heavy material, one-handed docking and undocking comes easily and securely. You won't have to worry about knocking your iPhone over and it comes with a rubber bottom to prevent any sliding. 

The Dock+ also features a soft rubber padding that prevents any contact between the steel and your iPhone so as to not damage or scratch it. Even with a bulky case on your device, Dock+ will still be able to dock and charge it. The Lightning charging pin features a flex design to ensure easy undocking. The power connects through an included micro-USB cable that threads through the bottom of the Dock+, maintaining the clean and simple design. 

The Dock+ is currently going through fundraising on Kickstarter and is available in Black or White to match your iPhone's color or a Kickstarter special Raw Steel. Head on over to their page and get pledging!

Lockitron Takes Keyless Entry To The Next Level

Everybody likes to think they live in the most modern of times, where automated… everything exists. Well, the forward-thinking folks at Lockitron has got a product for you. Keyless entry has been around for a few years now, predominately in luxury vehicles. Now, it can be found in your house too. 

Simply stick it on the back of a deadbolt lock in your house and you will have a wireless lock that locks and unlocks via your smartphone. Using Bluetooth 4.0, the Lockitron picks up on your signal coming from your iPhone or Android device and automatically unlocks the foo when you're within range and locks it once you're leaving. 

To make things even easier, there is a sharing feature that acts as an extra key. Configure your settings and you can give access to whoever you want. 

If you're eager to give this innovative product a look, you'll have to wait until March once they begin shipping and have $149 ready. You can reserve yours now on their website

Check out how it works in this demo video after the break!

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The Lightning Dock's Aluminum iPhone 5 Dock

All right we admit it, these Lightning charging docks for the iPhone 5 are kind of getting sleeker and more simplistic by the day. And we like what we see. We've found out about yet another new Lightning dock for the iPhone 5 that's made by a company conveniently called The Lightning Dock or TLD for short. Their iPhone 5 Dock comes in two simplistic and sleek designs made out of either a solid aluminum or hardwood weighted puck with rubbery feet, both of which claim to be very stable even though the only support that keeps the iPhone 5 vertically standing is the tiny, built-in Lightning dock connector cable.

But we doubt that the dock will keep your iPhone 5 safely steady if you touch anywhere from the middle to the top part of the touchscreen while docked. TLD's iPhone 5 Dock includes a Lightning cable and priced at $80 for the aluminum dock and $50 for the hardwood dock, respectively. See it in action after the jump.

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iPhone 5 Tortured With High Powered Laser Beams, Handguns

There's really no point other than pure, unadulterated entertainment when you shine five - ultra high-powered burning lasers onto the screen of an iPhone 5 until the inevitable happens. And if that's not enough, why not shoot the damn thing with a handgun in slow motion goodness? Enjoy!

Nir Schneider