Saidoka Cradles Your iPhone 5 With Lightning Care

Meet the Saidoka, Blouelounge's latest and unique Lightning docking accessory for the iPhone 5 that combines a subtle resting spot where you can charge, sync and view things on your iPhone at a convenient birds eye view. Slightly tilted up and set at the optional viewing angle for when you're sitting at your desk, your iPhone 5 is cradled inside the Saidoka atop a soft rubbery surface which can be removed to accommodate a protective case. The Saidoka was made to have a fairly large base which features micro-suction feet that grab a strong and firm hold of a desk's surface providing you with a sturdy platform to dock and undock your iPhone using only one hand. Now that's an intuitive docking solution, albeit not as intuitive as wireless charging.

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Lumawake Is The First SMART Dock For The iPhone

The guys at Lumawake seem to have thought of everything from the moment that you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. They take the dock and completely redesigns it for much bigger purposes than just to act as a seat for your iPhone. With the proper set up, you can have this little guy power your entire house. It's the smartest dock we've ever seen.

Constructed out of a similar material as your iPhone, the Lumawake dock blends right in with all of your other Apple devices and has some exciting hardware features. Packed with multi-color LEDs, the dock will automatically light up whenever you want to dock or undock your iPhone due to the infrared motion sensors built in. On top of that, it can keep track of your sleeping patterns without the use of annoying bracelets or other external devices, just download their app. This product is much more impressive when you see it, so make sure to check out their product video after the break.

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The Lightning Dock's Aluminum iPhone 5 Dock

All right we admit it, these Lightning charging docks for the iPhone 5 are kind of getting sleeker and more simplistic by the day. And we like what we see. We've found out about yet another new Lightning dock for the iPhone 5 that's made by a company conveniently called The Lightning Dock or TLD for short. Their iPhone 5 Dock comes in two simplistic and sleek designs made out of either a solid aluminum or hardwood weighted puck with rubbery feet, both of which claim to be very stable even though the only support that keeps the iPhone 5 vertically standing is the tiny, built-in Lightning dock connector cable.

But we doubt that the dock will keep your iPhone 5 safely steady if you touch anywhere from the middle to the top part of the touchscreen while docked. TLD's iPhone 5 Dock includes a Lightning cable and priced at $80 for the aluminum dock and $50 for the hardwood dock, respectively. See it in action after the jump.

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Meet The iPhone 5 Dock With Lightning Connector

Apple may have neglected to release a charging dock amongst other convenient accessories for the iPhone 5, but that doesn't mean we the people won't get what we want. This is the third party Lightning Dock for the iPhone 5. Complete with a Lightning charge and sync plug in a minimalist, glossy plastic Apple iPhone 4S dock design. Naturally it's not in stock at the moment due to high demand, and we haven't mentioned the fact that when Apple noticed this dock they haven't made, it'll be long gone. You can grab the iPhone 5 Dock with Lightning Connector for the hefty price of $50 when it becomes available again.

Nir Schneider