OCDock Brilliantly Designed For iPhone 5 Users With An iMac Or Apple Display

Aluminum iPhone docks aren't on short supply. In fact every new dock out there is made from the stuff. We've seen plenty of amazing iPhone 5 docks recently, but none are as Apple fanboy-girl-dedicated as this one. The $59 OCDock by OCDesk is a the one and only dock made exclusively for Apple fanatics. It's a dock with a svelte aluminum build, finished off with a bead blasted Apple finish which is designed to seamlessly sit at the footstep of your iMac or Thunderbolt Display where it'll play its part in solving your first-world problems of a clutter desk environment. Plus, it'll charge up your iPhone 5 in absolute minimalist, wireless-looking style.

You see, the OCDock was designed with the world's thinnest cable which means it can sit vistually against the aluminum pedastal of the Apple Display while the thinner ribbon USB cable is routed underneath the base of the display.

The OCDock will fit most protective cases thanks to the three different interchangeable silicone support inserts, and features a bevy of features like the all desired one-handed undocking and a patented spring-loaded charging plate that slides up or down to reveal more or less of the Lightning connector depending on the bulk of protective case you have on your iPhone. So when they said this dock is compatible with most iPhone cases, they really mean it.

The $55 OCDock Mini is an even slimmer version of the standard OCDock for those who prefer to use their iPhone naked, and keep it that way. If you're looking to get an amazing iPhone dock to compliment your iMac and Apple Thunderbolt Display, you've got to be a fool not to pre-order the OCDock. A fool! The OCDock and OCDock Mini are both available to pre-order on Kickstarter in either matte silver or black finished aluminum. If you've got an iPhone 4/S, the OCDock is also available in a 30-pin charging connector model as well. Everyone wins, except for Android and Windows 8 users.

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Lumawake Is The First SMART Dock For The iPhone

The guys at Lumawake seem to have thought of everything from the moment that you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. They take the dock and completely redesigns it for much bigger purposes than just to act as a seat for your iPhone. With the proper set up, you can have this little guy power your entire house. It's the smartest dock we've ever seen.

Constructed out of a similar material as your iPhone, the Lumawake dock blends right in with all of your other Apple devices and has some exciting hardware features. Packed with multi-color LEDs, the dock will automatically light up whenever you want to dock or undock your iPhone due to the infrared motion sensors built in. On top of that, it can keep track of your sleeping patterns without the use of annoying bracelets or other external devices, just download their app. This product is much more impressive when you see it, so make sure to check out their product video after the break.

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JBL's First With Lightning Docks


 Now that the iPhone 5 buzz is slowly dying down, JBL is in the news today with the very first Lightning connector iOS docks. The OnBeat Micro and OnBeat Venue Lightning are the first ones to hit the market running. Both of them are sleek and designed to match the sexy vibes your iPhone 5 gives off; I think it worked. 

The OnBeat Micro features a compact design that will play nicely with your iPhone 5. It'll charge your phone and play music through both AC power or battery. The OnBeat Venue Lightning is the big papa version, blasting out 30 watts of powerful audio through any of your Lightning dock devices, including your iPad mini and iPad. It's also rocking a Bluetooth functionality for wireless streaming. 

The OnBeat Micro will run you a whopping $99.95 while the OnBeat Venue Lightning could make you tear up a bit at $199.95. Hey, if you want the latest and greatest, you best prepare your credit card for the next months to come. They're both available for preorder and will ship "when available."  


iHome’s New Party Essentials

Every party requires music, most parties require really loud music, but the best parties need really loud music along with awesome lighting. iHome unveils their iP76 Color Changing Speaker Tower that will help you to do just that. Dock in your iPhone and select between different light modes: fading colors from one to another, pulsing to the music, or producing a strobe-like effect. It will be sure to get the party going.

This tower features four Reson8 technology speakers, Bluetooth wireless streaming, and an iPhone dock on the top. iHome plans to release this party starter in June for $200. 

Une Bobine: A Bendy Dock On A Flexible Stand

If the classic Apple docks are just too plain and simple for you, then FuseChicken’s Une Bobine is a great replacement for your iPhone docking needs. Simply stick it on the dock and bend the cable whichever way and angle you please. It also acts as a fantastic stand since you can manipulate it to fit all of your needs; placing it in front of you or in landscape mode lets you have a much more comfortable viewing angle.

This Kickstarter project has exceeded its funding goal and will be available for shipping around 2 months from now. If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these, you can pledge $25 on Kickstarter to preorder this unique accessory. 

Bracketron Outs MetalDock Charge & Sync iPhone Dock

Bracketron's new MetalDock is an elegant, portable iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 charge and sync dock made from a solid piece of metal that's designed to work in both landscape and portrait orientations using a curved L shaped body that can lean sideways or upright like a standard dock. It features a built-in 3' long USB cable for fast charging and rubberized feet to keep the dock from sliding off of your home or office desk. Bracketron's MetalDock will be available in late June for $34.95.

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Elevation Dock Elevates The Docking Game

When you think about iPhone docks you're faced with a plethora of options. As most of us come to understand, most of the docks out there aren't perfect and turn out to only make your flawless user experience your iPhone delivers you with, rough. Once in a while there's something so promising that makes you want to hand over your cash for it. That's what this dock is, it's called the Elevation Dock and it's made out of a solid aluminum billet just like the one we just posted about called the Blok Dock only that the Elevation Dock just made it look like someone's DIY project if not all others. Sync, charge and dock your iPhone or iPod in what might be the most wanted dock ever created. The Elevation Dock has already surpassed a whopping $80,000 in funding over at Kickstarter in only a single day.

The Elevation Dock offers more than a clean, sophisticated Apple-esque design like being able to accommodate all iPhone and iPod models with or without a protective case. But what's more important is the fact that this dock unlike many others, is weighted down thanks to the solid aluminum construction, has a low-friction connection and bottom rubber feet for traction will actually stay put where ever you've got it set on top of when you undock your iDevice. Yep, no more having to use two hands and playing the game of tug and pull. Much like an effortless one-finger lift required to lift open the lid of any MacBook portable.

The Elevation Dock goes thru many steps before it gets its outside finish you find on Apple's unibody MacBooks. It even has a USB output built-into the back while the more "professional" Elevation Dock+ incorporates a shielded Line Level audio output for bypassing the regular headphone output for better sound quality thru the 30-pin Dock Connector connection. It also comes with a USB wall power adapter. You can grab yours by pre-ordering the Elevation Dock for $59 in silver while the Elevation Dock+ comes in silver and matte black for $79 and $85, respectively. 

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