Urbanear Announces Their Newest Zinken

Since the creation of Beats by Dre, headphones have become popular for people beyond the audiophiles who want top of the line quality music at all times. It has transformed from a normally used accessory in the home to something we would wear in public as a fashion accessory as well. Urbanears creates their products based upon visual appeal as much as audio quality. Their recently released Zinken stands as an example; it presents a clean and modern feel that packs a heavy punch when given the opportunity. 

With features such the TurnCable and ZoundPlug, the Zinken is compatible with anyone's needs. Constructed with rugged Kevlar on the inside, the TurnCable is compatible with DJ mixers using a 6.3mm plug while also using a 3.5mm plug on the other end for normal use with mobile phones and iPods. It is also coiled for extra extension for DJs while performing at a show. The ZoundPlug allows two headphones to enjoy tunes through a single audio source. By connecting two headphones through the ZoundPlug, your friend can listen to whatever you're listening to.

Cushioned with large padding on both the cups and the headband, the design of the Zinken allows it to sit on your head hours on end without feeling any discomfort. Thanks to the extra ear cushions, you get more noise isolation too. Packed within the ear cups are custom dual 40mm drivers that will blast spectacular sound across the entire spectrum. 

Not only did Urbanears make sure the Zinken performed and appeared as amazing as it could be, they wanted to assure a reasonable price point to fit anybody's budget, even the aspiring musician's. Available in Urbanear retailers and on their website, the Zinken will cost you $140. It is difficult to find quality that the Zinken promises in this budget range.

iHome’s New Party Essentials

Every party requires music, most parties require really loud music, but the best parties need really loud music along with awesome lighting. iHome unveils their iP76 Color Changing Speaker Tower that will help you to do just that. Dock in your iPhone and select between different light modes: fading colors from one to another, pulsing to the music, or producing a strobe-like effect. It will be sure to get the party going.

This tower features four Reson8 technology speakers, Bluetooth wireless streaming, and an iPhone dock on the top. iHome plans to release this party starter in June for $200. 

Apple To Release White iPod Touch 5G?

We've got our white and black iPhone 4s and iPad 2s, but where is our white iPod Touch?! Thankfully, we've got some hope with a brand new leak of what looks to be a white iPod Touch front screen panel that iFixit has leaked. September is fast approaching and that's generally the month when Apple refreshed the iPod line. At this point we don't know if Apple will announce a brand new and redesigned iPod Touch 5G, or only add a white model to the current lineup. 

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Zentertain's iOS App Lets You Download Free Music Legally & Illegally

There's nothing wrong with downloading free music legally right? An app made by Zentertain called "Free Music Download" has been approved by Apple and is now the number one downloaded free app in the App Store. Free Music Download app suggests you can download free music legally with pre-set sites that offer free legal music downloads for your choosing. The problem is, there's also a browser built into the app that will let you browse Google and other sites that don't offer legal music downloads. The app lets you download anything and everything your heart desires. Legal or not. Problem? Definitely. No attempts were made by the app creators to block such simple access by anyone who wants to download music illegally.

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This Dude Can Rock His Air Drums Like A Boss

This dude isn't just obsessed with beards, apparently he takes air drumming very seriously. First he picked a great song to rock out to and then he accompanied it by playing his part of the song on his set of motion controlled air drums he built into a pair of flip-flops and gardening rakes using a few accelerometers, a MIDI controller and a Adruino Uno. This is the future of music instruments folks. Video after the break!
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iTunes 10.3 Now Out, Re-Download All Your Purchases

Apple has released a beta version of iTunes, iTunes 10.3 featuring iCloud services that have already begun their streaming and syncing wonderness on all iOS devices inside the App Store and even on the iTunes app. iTunes 10.3 enables you to automatically re-download music, app and book purchases to all your iDevices for free. iTunes lets you access your purchase history and lets you chose whether you want to automatically download content you don't yet have on a certain device or individually. 

I was able to re-download a few songs on my MacBook Pro that I've purchased over on my MacBook Air flawlessly. The download cloud icon will appear next to a song, app or book when it isn't found on your device and enables you to re-download it, quickly and easily. To get to the "Purchased" section in order to re-download your purchases on any devices wirelessly, you need to to first download iTunes 10.3 to you Mac or PC. Once you've got it up and running, go to the iTunes Store and on the right hand side of the store you will see the "Purchased" link inside the "Quick Links" menu box.

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iCloud Revealed, Offers Free Storage & Streaming Services

Along with Apple announcing iOS 5, Mac OSX Lion, they have announced iCloud. iCloud that will backup your apps, songs, books, photos, videos and contacts. You will be able to have access to any of your information from any device whether it is a tablet, phone, or laptop/desktop. This will be taking over Mobile Me and the apps have been rewritten. iWork will be playing nice with iCloud, and app history, device settings, new photos, purchased music will all be automatically over wi-fi. The iTunes app for the iCloud will be available as the end of today. Contacts and mail and calendar store will be free, while some of the rest will be paided subscriptions. The rest will be announced.