iSkin Intros Fuze, Fuze SE Tough And Sexy iPhone Cases

iSkin has released its Fuze and Fuze SE cases for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. Both cases offer tough protection with a dual-layer, slim-profile design. The Fuze and Fuze SE cases feature hybrid material construction with a hard polycarbonate exterior shell and a soft, shock-absorbing inner core. The cases feature a two-piece snap style for easy installation, covered buttons, a built-in removable dock connector cover while the Fuze SE case offers additional screen protection with a brushed aluminum front plate with a covered home button.

iSkin's premium hybrid iPhone cases continue to cost a small fortune compared to most case brands with the Fuze case costing $50 and the special edition Fuze SE costing $60. iSkin's Fuze case is available now in three two-tone colors while the Fuze SE is available in black with a silver brushed aluminum. Video after the break.

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Galileo, The Remote Controlled Robotic Motion Capture Rig (Video)

It's true when they say the best things come to the iPhone. This Kickstarter project is so incredible you would think Apple itself had a hand in the making. The Galileo is a revolutionary accessory for iOS devices. It's a robotic platform that is wirelessly controlled by any iOS device based on an infinite 360º spherical rotation platform that feeds live video feed to your iOS device of choice good for capturing panoramic shots, smooth video, and track moving objects around. The possibilities are quite literally endless. 

The Galileo is capable of infinite 360° pan-and-tilt at speeds up to 200° per second in any orientation using an iPhone 3G/S, iPhone 4/S, iPod Touch or even a GoPro camera. The Galileo also features a standard tripod mount for mounting on any tripod, built-in rechargeable battery and it will also serve as a charging dock for your iOS device when plugged in for recharging over USB. You can pre-order yours for $85, will retail for $129.95. Be sure to catch the Galileo in action after the jump!

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Twelve South HoverBar Floats iPads Around Your Apple Display

Twelve South has come out with yet another Mac-only accessory cleverly called the HoverBar. It can attach an iPad 2 to any iMac and Apple Display for what Twelve South's calls a Tony Stark-inspired, futuristic setup any multi-tasking, social networking fanatic, stock watcher, weather hobbyist geek would love to come home to. Or not leave home at all. The HoverBar is a flexible arm strong enough to position an iPad 2 besides or above your display while the ball joint allows for various viewing angles and orientations.

Twelve South's HoverBar mount can also serve many different tasks with its sturdy and padded two-way clamp. It can attach your iPad 2 to a desk, kitchen cabinet or any other surface edge up to 1-inch thick as a versatile standalone iPad 2 stand. You can grab the HoverBar right now for $79.99. Video after the break!

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Recoil Winder Automatically Sucks Your Cable Mess

Oh boy, not another cable managing system. I sat thru the entire video pitch waiting to see if this time I'd see something different other than yet another run-of-the-mill cable wrapping manager. And to my surprise, this ingenious little contraption actually does the job for you quickly and efficiently by a specially designed spring loaded self-winding mechanism that literally sucks a cable you feed it and neatly wrapping it around within itself. It's the only automatic, self-winding cord gadget we've ever seen, and we really like the sound of that.

The Recoil Winder is this gadget's name, a Kickstarter project that has gotten a lot of attention recently thanks to its unique concept and terrific performance on video. It comes in three sizes to better accommodate different types of cables from thick and long (that's what she said), to headphone cables with in-line remote control and mic. The thing is though, each Recoil Winder can only store a single cable. So if you're someone that owns a plethora of cables, prepare to drop some cash in exchange for convenience. You can pre-order a small Recoil Winder for $8, a medium for $9, a large for $10 or pick from various bundles starting at $30. Catch the video after the break!

Thanks for the tip, David!

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LunaTik Touch Pen, A Hybrid Pen Stylus You'll Always Use

We've seen styluses being reengineering time and time again with no end in sight. LunaTik, the same guys behind the successful Kickstarter project that has changed the way people wear the iPod Nano as an iWatch, have recently starter a new Kickstarter project under the LunaTik name for a stylus. This time a stylus that serves a multiple purpose. The LunaTik Alloy Touch Pen is of course going to be made out of aircraft grade aluminum along with a die cast clip that is hard coated with PVD plating, high-grade silicone rubber finger grip surface and a unique dual mode tip that is the sole reason why LunaTik's Touch Pen project has already surpassed the initial funding goal within a few days.

Not just another dual rubber tip though, the Touch Pen's dual tip allows you to use any touchscreen device as well as write on paper with a single click as you normally would with any ball point pen. The best of both worlds in one pen. That trumps all other styluses with versatility and eliminating the need of owning separate tools. In the meantime, you'll be able to grab the Alloy Touch Pen in a silver anodized aluminum body configuration for $30, while the all-plastic version of the Touch Pen will run you $30 for a two pack. Video after the jump!

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TidyTilt, The Mini Smart Cover For iPhone 4S (Video)

We've speculated in the past whether Apple would make Smart Covers for the iPhone 5, but pair of designers wasted no time waiting and have come up with TidyTilt. This miniature Smart Cover-esque accessory was designed for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 to enable multiple magnetic stand positions like Smart Covers do with the iPad 2. Rolling the TidyTilt into a mini triangle not only serves as a versatile stand for the iPhone but it'll also keep your in-ear headphones wrapped up neatly inside when folded up.

In order for the TidyTilt to mimic how a Smart Cover works and compensate for the lack of integrated magnets in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, a thin magnetic metal frame with a residue-free adhesive sticks to the back of the iPhone and auto-aligns the TidyTilt cover with its embedded magnets into its place while keeping it securely attached to the iPhone at all times. It can also easily detach from the frame when needed. The metal frame also doubles as a protective edge that keeps the back glass of your iPhone scratch-free while adding some magnetic clinging abilities strong enough that you can stick your iPhone onto any magnetic surface. Other than some compass interference, TidyTilt and all these magnets aren't going to harm your device.

Like all promising things, TidyTilt is a Kickstarter project waiting to come to life with the help of backing. By the looks of it, we think TidyTilt will become a reality quickly. Who wouldn't want a mini-me Smart Cover for their iPhone? Granted TidyTilt isn't actually covering and protecting the front screen of the iPhone, but we will have to leave that to Apple and the magic of embedded magnets. You can pre-order yours in four different colors for $19. Check out the video after the break!

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Beats By Dr. Dre Studio Color Headphones Get Splashed With Color (Video)

Well look at what we have here, Beats By Dr. Dre has just released its first ever commercial featuring the new line of limited edition Studio Color headphones starring some seriously good Dubstep music courtesy of Nero, Dr. Dre himself and a whole lot of color splashing into faces in ultra slow motion for terrific eye candy. Video down below! Many Studio headphones were harmed in the making. 

Nir Schneider