Liquipel 2.0 Protects Your Gadgets Against Water With Nano-Coating

The microscopic and undetectable coating that waterproofs any smartphone, tablet and just about every electronic device just got an upgrade today. Liquipel has announced a second generation Liquipel 2.0 nanocoating that claims to have "significant advancements in durability, corrosion resistance and water protection" than its predecessor. What this means is that with Liquipel 2.0 protecting your gadget, it can survive under water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 3.3ft (1 meter). Treating a device with this nanocoating grants it an IPX7 rating for water-proofing
Liquipel's patent-pending process creates a liquid-repellant coating, that is microscopic and forever lasting because the coating becomes a part of the device. Liquipel is virtually untraceable and will not affect, nor compromise the look, feel and performance of the device.
While Liquipel's water-proofing technology is impressive to say the least, it is designed as a precautionary measure in the event of an accidental drink spill on your phone, a quick splash in the sink or a rainy day. Don't expect this coating to replace your LifeProof case just yet.

Nir Schneider


Winbot 7 Robotic Window Cleaner Will Clean For Electrecity

If you live above ground level, chances are your windows are in desperate need to exterior cleaning. And because you probably aren't going to climb outside Mission Impossible style to do it yourself, why not let a robot do the dirty work for you? Ecovacs' new Winbot 7 is an easy to use, quiet robotic window cleaner that is similar in size to current small household robotic floor cleaners such as the Rombaa and Mint. Much like existing floor cleaning robots, the Winbot 7 uses sensors to automatically draw an efficient cleaning pattern in which it will return back to its initial starting point when finished. Active dual suction rings enable it to securely suck itself onto any framed or frame-less glass window inside or out, while numerous reusable microfiber pads carry out a three-stage cleaning arrangement which will supposedly result in a streak-free and spotless glass surface.

Apart from pushing the unit's "start cleaning my filthy window button", you'll need to spray the cleaning pad with a cleaning solution ahead of time. Ecovac took safety into account and made sure to equip a tethered safety harness when using the Winbot 7 to clean windows above ground level. Ecovacs' Winbot 7 will join the company's existing floor cleaning robots next year in yellow and white colors for an unspecified retail price.

Lightplay: The Almighty Micro Android Projector

Android is known for their immensely and sometimes ridiculously large screens, yeah, I'm talking about the Note II. Giving rise to a whole new kind of tech -- the Phablet. Well, 5 inch screens are cool, but how about 80 inches? Phonesuit is ready to show the world their smart micro media projector powered by Android called Lightplay. It is capable of projecting everything Android onto your wall for up to 80 inches of Android goodness. 

Everything in the Google Play store is available and compatible for the Lightplay and let's be honest, everything is better when it's bigger. Stream Netflix, watch your favorite Youtube videos, play some addictive Fruit Ninja, and everything else you'd normally have running on your phone. You can even use it as an extra screen through WiFi, similar to Apple's AirPlay

Included with the projector is a motion controlled, 3 axis gyroscope controller with a wireless keyboard on-board for you to play your favorite games like you would on the Wii. Aside from fun, it is also compatible with the Microsoft Office Suite for presentations on PowerPoint. Other features include two USB ports to connect anything you want, from a keyboard and mouse to an external hard drive. 

The Note II doesn't look that good anymore now does it? Experience a whole new meaning to media and preorder the Lightplay Android projector Phonesuit's website for a 20% off price of $399.99. Shipping begins on November 1st. Video after the jump!

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Keep Your Dreams Alive With Snooze

We all hate having to get up early in the morning to get on with our day. Your dream of the year is disturbed by a loud and obnoxious alarm coming from your iPhone. Sometimes you just want a few more minutes to try and relive that dream, but the built-in snooze button isn't exactly the biggest button on your phone. Fumbling around for it, you end up dropping it and creating a huge hassle for yourself in the morning. Your day hasn't even started and it's already off to a bad start. 

The creators over at Distil Union created an easy solution to solve all of that. Snooze, their alarm clock dock for your iPhone features a huge snooze button that you will have no problem giving the well-deserved smackdown for disrupting your precious sleep. Made from a flexible rubber material, the snooze button will mechanically transfer the force to your volume buttons, which puts your alarm to snooze. Docked on either high quality wood or aluminum, your iPhone will fit right in safely on top of your nightstand. You will be able to charge your iPhone through the night as well since the Snooze features a removable plug that will house your cable. 

Head on over to their pledge page on Kickstarter to help support a simple but genious innovation to your early morning woes. 

Blink/Steady Smart Bike Light Automagically Turns On/Off

It was about time someone invented a better, more efficient visibility bike light that didn't require turning on or off using buttons. The Blink/Steady has a no-button, low-profile all-aluminum machined design that uses an accelerometer and a light sensor enabling it to automatically turn on when it senses that it's getting dark, and off when it senses that you've arrived at your destination. You'll never even have to think about it. It does what it needs to all on its own. The Blink/Steady bike light is secured by the seatpost meaning it won't be very easy for someone to quickly snatch it off.

It features two different modes, and that's all there is to choose from. Blinking or a steady red light. But there's no buttons. This is a smart bike light silly, install it one way for a blinking mode and the opposite way if you want a steady light to shine. The built-in accelerometer knows which way is up and which way is down, switching between the two modes. Now that's brilliant! 

It uses two AAA batteries as a power source that should last for about 200 hours of continuous use. It's waterproof, made in the USA, available in black and silver, and did we forget to mention it'll cost you $95 a piece? Now all that's missing is a headlight version.

Nir Schneider


Extend Your Smartphone To Your Wrist With The Cookoo Watch

You're busy with your daily life and you have urgent messages and calls that you don’t want to miss, but sometimes you just don’t hear your ringtone or feel your phone vibrate. It’s frustrating to check your phone and find that you have a bunch of messages or calls that you had no idea you recieved. ConnecteDevice has created a solution that will help you avoid all of these nuisances. The cookoo watch is a Bluetooth connected watch that will keep you updated with all of your latest messages and notifications all on the stylish clock face.

Even if you don’t have your phone on you, the cookoo watch will still notify you of your messages. This simple accessory can be customized and prioritized based on what you want. Using Bluetooth’s SMART technology, it will keep you connected with all of your daily updates. This Kickstarter project brings a simple concept and puts it onto your wrist to ensure you are always up-to-date. The best part is, you don’t have to recharge the cookoo watch everyday; the button-sized battery will last you the entire year. 

You can preorder the cookoo watch at Kickstarter beginning at $50, depending on your preference. It will be compatible with any Bluetooth SMART smartphones, such as the iPhone, the new iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy S3, as well as many others.

Recoil Winder Automatically Sucks Your Cable Mess

Oh boy, not another cable managing system. I sat thru the entire video pitch waiting to see if this time I'd see something different other than yet another run-of-the-mill cable wrapping manager. And to my surprise, this ingenious little contraption actually does the job for you quickly and efficiently by a specially designed spring loaded self-winding mechanism that literally sucks a cable you feed it and neatly wrapping it around within itself. It's the only automatic, self-winding cord gadget we've ever seen, and we really like the sound of that.

The Recoil Winder is this gadget's name, a Kickstarter project that has gotten a lot of attention recently thanks to its unique concept and terrific performance on video. It comes in three sizes to better accommodate different types of cables from thick and long (that's what she said), to headphone cables with in-line remote control and mic. The thing is though, each Recoil Winder can only store a single cable. So if you're someone that owns a plethora of cables, prepare to drop some cash in exchange for convenience. You can pre-order a small Recoil Winder for $8, a medium for $9, a large for $10 or pick from various bundles starting at $30. Catch the video after the break!

Thanks for the tip, David!

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