Magpul iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 Field Case Tactical Cases Arrive

Due to a popular demand, Magpul has finally created and released its rifle magazine PMAG-inspired tactical Field Case cases for the iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 devices. Although a little late, the move marks the company's first step into making durable and grip-tastic protective cases for devices other than the iPhone and now iPad. We were really pleased with Magpul's Field Case cases for the iPhone, and have always thought Android users were missing out on some really terrific low-cost cases and that Magpul should also consider making cases for other popular devices. And so the day has finally come, and Galaxy S3 and S4 users can finally join in on the action!

It isn't immediately clear whether Magpul's Field Case for the iPad mini will be compatible with the Retina iPad mini as well, and from the image above it doesn't look like Magpul designed its Field Case with the new Retina ipad mini in mind as there is no cutout for the back-facing noise-canceling microphone. We do believe that the Field Case will still fit both models of the iPad mini despite that small detail. The durable and semi-rigid TPU Field Case case for the iPad mini is available right now for $27. No word on an iPad Air case yet, though we may still see something from Magpul in the near future if enough people show interest.

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The Best Nexus 5 Cases That Put Google's Official Cases To Shame

Just put your order in for Google's latest Android harbinger, the Nexus 5? Here are some of the best cases you can get right now that are a far better value than what Google and LG have to offer with the official and highly overpriced $35 Nexus 5 Bumper Case and the $50 LG QuickCover accessories. Although the Nexus 5 just went up up for sale today, Spigen has been two steps ahead of the game with some of its most popular cases all readily available to encase your 5-inch KitKat device with awesomeness. Find out what they are in the full rundown after the jump!

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Glas.t Nano Slim By Spigen, World's Thinnest Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Samsung Galaxy S4 users better rejoice, Spigen has released the world's thinnest tempered glass screen protector with the new Glas.t Nano Slim. Available only for the Galaxy S4 for $35 - until Spigen decides to release an iPhone 5 variant and we hope it does soon, the new Glas.t Nano Slim features an Oleophobic coating and a thickness of just 0.15mm. That is insanely thin for a tempered glass screen protector with a surface hardness of 9H. The Glas.t Nano Slim is so thin that it does not interfere with the S-View Cover and Flip Cover accessories. Because it's so thin, the Galaxy S4's home button is no longer recessed by the glass compared to thicker versions of Spigen's Glas.t.

Generally, glass screen protectors are preferred over plastic ones because they offer unparalleled touchscreen interaction, shatter-resistant protection and tougher scratch resistance. 

Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case For HTC One Released

Lo and behold, Mophie was quick to release a Juice Pack battery case for the HTC One. It took the company months to release its iPhone 5 battery cases, but as Android gains more and more popularity with devices like the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 standing on solid ground as the Android handsets, accessories for these are becoming more prevalent. Mophie's Juice Pack for HTC's One is a svelte $100 battery case packing a 2500mAh rechargeable battery enough to replenish your One with nearly a full extra charge. The Juice Pack is designed to follow the original contoured design of the One as much as possible while featuring an integrated volume button rocker and support for the universal IR remote button. You can of course charge and sync your One thru USB while its protected inside the Juice Pack.

Mophie's Juice Pack for the HTC One is available starting today in a smooth rubbery coated black finish, as well as a silver equivalent which will only be available in mid-May. Mophie has yet to announce plans to release a version for the Galaxy S4.

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Lightplay: The Almighty Micro Android Projector

Android is known for their immensely and sometimes ridiculously large screens, yeah, I'm talking about the Note II. Giving rise to a whole new kind of tech -- the Phablet. Well, 5 inch screens are cool, but how about 80 inches? Phonesuit is ready to show the world their smart micro media projector powered by Android called Lightplay. It is capable of projecting everything Android onto your wall for up to 80 inches of Android goodness. 

Everything in the Google Play store is available and compatible for the Lightplay and let's be honest, everything is better when it's bigger. Stream Netflix, watch your favorite Youtube videos, play some addictive Fruit Ninja, and everything else you'd normally have running on your phone. You can even use it as an extra screen through WiFi, similar to Apple's AirPlay

Included with the projector is a motion controlled, 3 axis gyroscope controller with a wireless keyboard on-board for you to play your favorite games like you would on the Wii. Aside from fun, it is also compatible with the Microsoft Office Suite for presentations on PowerPoint. Other features include two USB ports to connect anything you want, from a keyboard and mouse to an external hard drive. 

The Note II doesn't look that good anymore now does it? Experience a whole new meaning to media and preorder the Lightplay Android projector Phonesuit's website for a 20% off price of $399.99. Shipping begins on November 1st. Video after the jump!

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Logitech Revue Price Cut To $99

Logitech Revue is never really took off along with Google TV and its starting to hurt. Logitech has slashed Revue price from $299 to $99. What a steal for such a little device. Logitech has promised that when Android 3.1 update comes that customers can experience a smoother platform and more access. Hopefully this doesn't kill Google TV all the way as the platform is nice, but needs a lot of work.

PowerSkin First To Make Battery Cases For Android Phones

The iPhone 4 has been the favorite smartphone for accessories over the years. PowerSkin is the only one that has created battery cases for various Android running smartphones. The PowerSkin is a protective, recycled and anti-fingerprint silicone rubber case with a built-in 1500mAh battery, enough to double your Android handset's battery life. Yes, every single PowerSkin battery case no matter what Android smartphone model it was designed for, has exactly the same battery capacity built-in. The PowerSkin battery cases are available for the HTC Evo 4G - myTouch 4G - Desire HD - Inspire 4G - ThunderBolt, Motorola Droid X/X2, Samsung Galaxy S 4G - Vibrant - i9000 - i9003 and last but not least the Nexus S 4G. These are all available right now via Amazon for $59.99. 

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