Logi Unveils Squarish Drop Protective Blok iPad Cases

Logi Unveils Squarish Drop Protective Blok iPad Cases

Logitech has unveiled a series of new cases designed for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini under its new brand label Logi. The new Blok series of iPad cases consist of a rigid square-shaped protective case with flexible polymer-made corners designed to protect the iPad from drops of up to six feet in height. These corners were intentionally designed as reinforced areas providing extra protection where it's needed most by forming an air-cushioned barrier that effectively absorbs impacts. Logi's $40 Blok Shell is a non-bulky, minimalist protective case for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini, while the Blok Case for the iPad Air 2 adds a protective durable folio cover to the back of the Shell case that folds into a stand offering various degrees of viewing angles for $70.

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Magpul iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 Field Case Tactical Cases Arrive

Due to a popular demand, Magpul has finally created and released its rifle magazine PMAG-inspired tactical Field Case cases for the iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 devices. Although a little late, the move marks the company's first step into making durable and grip-tastic protective cases for devices other than the iPhone and now iPad. We were really pleased with Magpul's Field Case cases for the iPhone, and have always thought Android users were missing out on some really terrific low-cost cases and that Magpul should also consider making cases for other popular devices. And so the day has finally come, and Galaxy S3 and S4 users can finally join in on the action!

It isn't immediately clear whether Magpul's Field Case for the iPad mini will be compatible with the Retina iPad mini as well, and from the image above it doesn't look like Magpul designed its Field Case with the new Retina ipad mini in mind as there is no cutout for the back-facing noise-canceling microphone. We do believe that the Field Case will still fit both models of the iPad mini despite that small detail. The durable and semi-rigid TPU Field Case case for the iPad mini is available right now for $27. No word on an iPad Air case yet, though we may still see something from Magpul in the near future if enough people show interest.

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Apple's New Leather Smart Case For iPad Air, iPad mini 2

We were hoping that Apple would release a few new keyboard cover accessories for the iPads, alas it dropped the ball on that missed opportunity. Apple did however release a new leather Smart Cover folio case accessory for the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini that's a lot like the older Smart Case and Smart Cover hybrid, only made out of the same premium aniline-type leather found on the iPhone 5s Case. As you'd expect, the leather Smart Case features a sleep/wake magnetic closure and can fold into a viewing stand as well as into a comfortable typing angle while offering full front to back protection.

The iPad Air Smart Case will set you back a hefty $79, while the smaller iPad mini version which is fully compatible with both the original and Retina iPad mini models, will cost you $69. The Smart Case comes in the same exact six leather color choices available for the iPhone 5s Case including black, beige, brown, yellow, blue and red. You'll be able to pick one up starting next month.

Gripcase Makes It Safer For Kids To Use iPads

We know what you're thinking, what in the world is that?! It's a Gripcase case designed to protect the iPad 2, 3 and 4 with an over-protective case within a case concept that is not only extremely effective in the sense of offering 360 degree drop-protection, but also provides users with additional grip thru a 4-sided handle periphery like no other case we've seen before. Dropping your iPad in this should never sink your heart. And there's even an iPad mini version too.

Yes it isn't pretty or anywhere near being minimalist, but it definitely does look to be effective at what it was meant for which is to provide maximum handling and protection for virtually any application (except for bad weather and something called water) no matter the person's age that is grabbing on. The Gripcase's exterior grip handle, or railing actually extends above the front of the device and acts like an additional raised bezel in order to protect the iPad's most crucial aspect, the touchscreen, in a worst case scenario.

The Gripcase's lightweight, and durable EVA foam body can absorb impacts and shock very well, and its unique bumper design helps in deflecting energy upon impact by bending as a crumple zone. Gripcase is obviously targeting parents with kids and special needs applications with its heavy-duty iPad cases which the company claims are kid-friendly, but I think it's safe to say that they're also kid-proof too. The back of the Gripcase is cut to reveal parts of the iPad's rear aluminum end, which is pretty cool looking yet under the cover of tough protection. A Gripcase for a full sized iPad will run you $40, while an iPad mini version costs a bit less at $35. Both come in multiple colors and are available now.

CalypsoPad iPad Leather Sleeves Put A Fashionable Dent In Your Wallet

CalypsoCrystal is inching forward with its luxury leather case and sleeve line with its new offering for Apple's iPad and iPad mini. The Slovenian brand has just released its new CalypsoTab line of gorgeous fine Italian leather sleeves made to the company's iconic CalypsoCase specification using a long process of crafting each sleeve by hand to high standards. Each CalypsoPad is lined with a special microfiber material and precisely moulded to the iPad's original tapered shape and slim form factor in order to achieve a perfect snug fit.

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Element Case's Soft-Tec iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 Wallet Case Now Out

Known for its machined aluminum cases, Element Case's new Soft-Tec line of synthetically-made cases for the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 and the iPad mini are finally available for purchase. We first reported on the Soft-Tec cases back in January where Element Case first debut its new offerings at CES 2013. The company has released a $50 Soft-Tec wallet case for both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 which is made using a new non-slip, grippy rubber material from Element Case called Tech Grip. The supposedly high-tech material is a coating with a matte rubbery finish made to enhance the grip and feel of the case. We've seen a similar material used in the TidyTilt iPhone cover.

Element Case's Soft-Tec case has a slim protective profile with two card slots located on the inner flap. The Soft-Tec wallet case also features a magnetic closure and an embedded snap-on polycarbonate hard shell that can be folded into a horizontal viewing stand much like Twelve South's SurfacePad cover.

We can't help but think about how this case opens almost like an old-school Velcro wallet, with lots of excess flap left to deal with while you're using your device Luckily, there's an earpiece cutout to enable you to talk on the phone whilst the Soft-Tec's flap remains closed. Both Soft-Tec models for Apple's and Samsung's handsets are designed exaclty the same, while Element Case's $65 Soft-Tec case for the iPad mini understandably leaves out the credit card slots. 

Element Case Soft Tec iPhone 5 Wallet, iPad mini Folio Cases

Element Case showed some of its new and upcoming iPhone and iPad accessories at CES 2013, some including an iPhone 5 wallet case and an iPad mini folio-style case with stand features and a thin profile called the Soft Tec. Each designed with a polycarbonate hard shell that snaps onto the back of the iPhone 5 or iPad mini. What's interesting is how unique Element Case managed to make its iPhone 5 wallet case. The wrap-around design incorporates a magnetic closure, complete bottom and top opening, a camera and earpiece speaker cutouts - and a durable rubbery textured exterior that matches that of the iPad mini Soft Tec folio case. Element Case will also release a Soft Tec wallet case for Samsung's Galaxy S3.

The interior of the Soft Tec series is covered with Element Case's iconic soft, Ultrasuede material. The Soft Tec iPhone 5 wallet case will only let you store two credit cards and should retail for around $45. The iPad mini Soft Tech folio case has built-in magnets that will work with the iPad mini's magnetic sleep and awake function. It'll retail for $70. Element Case is expected to make its Soft Tec series of cases available in February.

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