LG Replicating Nike's FuelBand With Its Smart Activity Tracker


LG pulled the clone trick on us at CES 2013 with its shamelessly familiar Smart Activity Tracker. Like the FueldBand and Up, LG's Smart Activity Tracker is a feature-rich fitness tracker in the from of a matte rubber wristband designed a lot like Nike's widely popular FuelBand. But unlike the FuelBand's stealthy muted rubber looks, the Smart Activity Tracker clearly has a visible LED glossy display that's touch-sensitive to swipes with the ability to pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 to display information and alerts from incoming calls and text messages - including music playback controls right on its little touchscreen display. It'll also display things like the time and whatever LG devices to call the motivating point scoring system.

It'll use its built-in sensors and GPS to accurately track your daily activities like the FuelBand and the Up wristbands; while also being able to sync with both Android and iOS devices using the companion app. By the looks of it, LG is completely dominating the smart watch and fitness tracking gadgets with the Smart Activity Tracker. The company is also planning to add a heart-rate monitoring feature. LG is keeping quiet on the pricing, but it plans to release its Smart Activity Tracker in the summer. We can already tell that the Smart Activity Tracker's glossy screen will prove difficult for users to read in broad daylight as opposed to the FueldBand's rubberised dot-matrix LED display.