Misfit Unveils More Affordable Flash Fitness Tracker

As its second and most affordable wearable yet, Misfit has introduced the Flash fitness tracker in a variety of energetic colors. The Flash is a non-rechargeable, lightweight and durable $50 tracker that like Misfit's more premium aluminum made Shine tracker we reviewed a while ago, can be worn on the wrist or anywhere else on the body using the included and interchangeable silicone wristband and magnetic clasp accessories in order for you to effortlessly track your daily activities such as steps, calories, distance, sleep quality and duration, and even cycling and swimming.

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Wear Your Shine Fitness Tracker Like Smart Jewelry With Misfit's Bloom Necklace

Misfit has officially turned into one the few wearable fitness monitoring device brands to offer what can only be described as smart jewelry, with the introduction of the Bloom Necklace - a new accessory for its Shine fitness tracker. The Bloom Necklace enables you to wear your Shine tracker around your neck as a beautiful and stylish piece of jewelry whilst it keeps tabs on your daily activity. It's made from hand-finished stainless steel and features a see-through floral pattern on the back.

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Lumo Lift Wearable Tracker Discretely Improves Your Posture

Didn't your mother always tell you to sit or stand up straight? Slouching can be a thing of the past thanks to this little wearable gadget created by a company called Lumo. It's called the Lumo Lift, and it's a little magnetic sensor clasp that attaches itself onto your clothing and gently vibrates whenever it detects that you've unknowingly turned into the hunchback of Notre Dame - so that you can straighten up your upper body posture at once.

Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a companion app to give you further data straight on your iPhone. It's also secretly a fitness tracker as it will track your daily activities and behaviours besides how well you've been keeping your shoulders back. If you're curious about your body and want a gentle way to discipline those poor daily habits of yours, Lumo Lift is one of the many new wearable trackers being released this year worth considering.

The Lumo Lift can be worn as a piece of arguably mundane jewelry, or discretely underneath clothing. The Lumo Lift will officially launch later this spring. But you can pre-order yours starting today for $69, in a brushed aluminum or black clasp flavors. Additional colored clasps are being sold separately for $10 in case you feel like customising that lapel pin-look.

Jawbone Debuts UP24 Fitness Tracker With Bluetooth 4.0, Real-Time Syncing

Jawbone has released an improved version of its popular UP fitness wristband tracker named the UP24. An improved version that now features Bluetooth 4.0 with wireless real-time data syncing in the background between the UP 3.0 companion app which currently only supports iOS. Thanks to the low-energy Bluetooth 4.0, the UP24 is always connected to your iOS device (hence the name) to alert and motivate you in real-time with your progress. It's also aesthetically different from the original UP wristband in that it has a rubbery wavy pattern design across its exterior surface as opposed to a zigzag pattern. Jawbone claims its UP24 can run for up to 7 days on a single charge.

UP24 is the only lifestyle tracker that pushes tailored, actionable information to you at just the right moment, enabled by wireless syncing via Bluetooth Smart™. It notifies you when you’ve reached your step goal with a push notification on your iOS device, as well as when you’re getting close to hitting your goal and need a gentle, motivational nudge to help you to succeed. UP24 can also be set to send notifications with a summary of your recent sleep activity at the moment you wake up, or a workout summary as soon as you complete a workout. Conveniently tap into the notification to see how you did or add more information. All notifications for UP and UP24 can be customized from your app Settings menu.  

The new UP24 is now available in persimmon orange and in onyx black colors for $150. In the meantime, the company will still be selling the original $130 UP band in 5 different colors.

LG Replicating Nike's FuelBand With Its Smart Activity Tracker


LG pulled the clone trick on us at CES 2013 with its shamelessly familiar Smart Activity Tracker. Like the FueldBand and Up, LG's Smart Activity Tracker is a feature-rich fitness tracker in the from of a matte rubber wristband designed a lot like Nike's widely popular FuelBand. But unlike the FuelBand's stealthy muted rubber looks, the Smart Activity Tracker clearly has a visible LED glossy display that's touch-sensitive to swipes with the ability to pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 to display information and alerts from incoming calls and text messages - including music playback controls right on its little touchscreen display. It'll also display things like the time and whatever LG devices to call the motivating point scoring system.

It'll use its built-in sensors and GPS to accurately track your daily activities like the FuelBand and the Up wristbands; while also being able to sync with both Android and iOS devices using the companion app. By the looks of it, LG is completely dominating the smart watch and fitness tracking gadgets with the Smart Activity Tracker. The company is also planning to add a heart-rate monitoring feature. LG is keeping quiet on the pricing, but it plans to release its Smart Activity Tracker in the summer. We can already tell that the Smart Activity Tracker's glossy screen will prove difficult for users to read in broad daylight as opposed to the FueldBand's rubberised dot-matrix LED display.

Fitbit Flex Joins The Wristband Fitness Trackers

We never thought we'd see a wristband fitness tracker from the folks at Fitbit, but it seems that Fitbit was easily tempted by the success of Jawbone's Up and Nike's FuelBand wristband trackers. And that is why Fitbit just announced its first wristband offering called the Flex. It's a slim and rather stylish piece of smooth monolithic sculpted rubber you can comfortably wear all day and all night for the sake of knowing how well you've performed physically.

Hardware wise, the Flex is actually a small dongle much like Fitbit's One tracker that can be removed from its rubber wristband home and put into a different colored one including slate, teal, tangerine and black. The Flex wireless syncs with your iPhone, or Samsung's Galaxy S3 and Note 2 devices over Bluetooth 4.0 as it updates the companion Fitbit app with the data it has tracked like steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, quality and duration of your sleep. Like the One, the Flex is water-resistant, has a 5-7 day rechargeable battery life and features a set of LED dotted lights replaced the One's small and informative OLED screen to represent your activity level against your goal and nothing more. The Flex also features a silent alarm that can be set to vibrate on your wrist.

The Fitbit Flex can be pre-ordered starting today for $100 in either black or slate, and it's expected to ship in the spring. It'll include two wristband sizes in the box as standard.

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Fitbug's Orb Fitness Monitor Targets Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike

Activity trackers are it this year. Like many of its kind, a company called Fitbug is competing with Fitbit's One, Jawbone's Up and Nike's FuelBand with its new Orb activity tracker. Fitbug's Orb is a much cheaper $50 gadget that basically does everything the aforementioned trackers do, albeit it offers more flexibility with its modular design and support for iOS and Android smartphones. The Orb is a tiny little button device that can be slipped into various types of Fitbug accessory depending on where you'd like to wear it, like a rubber wristband, belt clip, lanyard and even a magnetic bra mount. It uses a motion sensors to keep track of your daily activity like tracking how many steps you've taken, distances traveled, how many calories you've burned. And it even doubles as a sleep monitor tracking your sleeping patterns and how well you've slept at night.

Fitbug's Orb features Bluetooth 4.0 in order to wirelessly connect with your iOS or Android smartphone and transfer data in real-time. Much like Fitbit's Zip, the Orb uses a button cell battery to draw its power. Only thing missing is an on-board display. Instead you'll have to rely on the Orb's app to see your data or tell time. Fitbug plans to release its wireless fitness monitor in the spring.

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