Wear Your Shine Fitness Tracker Like Smart Jewelry With Misfit's Bloom Necklace

Misfit has officially turned into one the few wearable fitness monitoring device brands to offer what can only be described as smart jewelry, with the introduction of the Bloom Necklace - a new accessory for its Shine fitness tracker. The Bloom Necklace enables you to wear your Shine tracker around your neck as a beautiful and stylish piece of jewelry whilst it keeps tabs on your daily activity. It's made from hand-finished stainless steel and features a see-through floral pattern on the back.

A celebration of floral patterns in nature, the Bloom Necklace is crafted from hand-finished stainless steel. Shine snaps effortlessly onto the necklace and captures a refined, understated elegance that seamlessly integrates into any wardrobe and is versatile for any occasion.

Misfit's Bloom Necklace is available in limited quantities and sells for $80.