Jawbone Debuts UP24 Fitness Tracker With Bluetooth 4.0, Real-Time Syncing

Jawbone has released an improved version of its popular UP fitness wristband tracker named the UP24. An improved version that now features Bluetooth 4.0 with wireless real-time data syncing in the background between the UP 3.0 companion app which currently only supports iOS. Thanks to the low-energy Bluetooth 4.0, the UP24 is always connected to your iOS device (hence the name) to alert and motivate you in real-time with your progress. It's also aesthetically different from the original UP wristband in that it has a rubbery wavy pattern design across its exterior surface as opposed to a zigzag pattern. Jawbone claims its UP24 can run for up to 7 days on a single charge.

UP24 is the only lifestyle tracker that pushes tailored, actionable information to you at just the right moment, enabled by wireless syncing via Bluetooth Smart™. It notifies you when you’ve reached your step goal with a push notification on your iOS device, as well as when you’re getting close to hitting your goal and need a gentle, motivational nudge to help you to succeed. UP24 can also be set to send notifications with a summary of your recent sleep activity at the moment you wake up, or a workout summary as soon as you complete a workout. Conveniently tap into the notification to see how you did or add more information. All notifications for UP and UP24 can be customized from your app Settings menu.  

The new UP24 is now available in persimmon orange and in onyx black colors for $150. In the meantime, the company will still be selling the original $130 UP band in 5 different colors.

Jawbone Mini Jambox Speaker, So Portable It Can Fit In Your Pocket

Today Jawbone has finally introduced a new speaker that will join its iconic lineup of portable wireless Bluetooth speakers, the Mini Jambox. The slimmer, lighter, more portable Mini Jambox features an all-new aluminum enclosure which is available in multiple patterns and colors designed by renowned designer, Yves Behar. Internally, the Mini Jambox features the same hardware found on the original Jambox - a microphone for speakerphone functionality as well as two proprietary audio drivers and one passive bass radiator actively tweaked using Jawbone's digital signaling processing to deliver the best performing rich sound quality at any volume level.

Jawbone's Mini Jambox also features on-board music playback and speakerphone controls, Bluetooth 4.0, and a built-in rechargeable battery capable of providing 10 hours of continuous wireless music streaming, and an exclusive iOS and Android app that lets users adjust the audio settings on the Mini Jambox while also take control of their iTunes, Rdio, and Spotify music libraries using the single app.

The Mini Jambox isn't going to replace Jawbone's original Jambox speaker just yet, but it's still priced equally at $180. The new stylish wireless Bluetooth portable speaker is now available for pre-order in nine different colors and grille pattern designs, and is expected to be released later this month.

You Can Now Design Your Own Jawbone Big Jambox

Jawbone has introduced a way that you can color-customize your very own $300 Big Jambox wireless speaker in over 100 color combinations directly online. So if you've never took a liking to Jawbone's color picking skills, it's now your chance to prove yourself that you have better taste in design. Right?

Nir Schneider


Jawbone Updates Big Jambox With Improved Battery Life, Bluetooth Connectivity

Jawbone released an update for its Big Jambox wireless speaker today that adds support for the PS Vita and improved battery life among other enhancements and improvements. The Big Jambox v2.0 update is available now thru Jawbone's MyTalk cloud service. The v2.0 update in more detail:

  • Improved audio streaming and fewer dropouts at greater distances with AAC support
  • Two additional hours of battery life and better battery life on paired devices
  • Control volume from either your mobile device or BIG JAMBOX; volume stays in sync
  • Disable all voice prompts and tones with Silent Mode
  • Improved LED response, PS Vita connectivity and various performance enhancements

Nir Schneider


The Jawbone Up Is Dead

Remember Jawbone's uber stylish, waterproof wristband fitness and sleep tracker? Yeah... We've also forgotten about it. To help jog your memory, Jawbone's Up was short lived due to a massive fault with each and every Up device having its internal rechargeable battery fail after only a few days of use. After issuing a total recall which we must say, Jawbone admirably handled and controlled the situation by promptly refunding its early adopters, or what felt like a bunch of beta testers, and letting them keep their dead fashion gadget accessory to boot.

Since that very day, Jawbone ceased to sell the Up and put up a notice saying that the Up will be coming back. But after nearly a year of waiting for Jawbone to get their act together, the Up band was a no show. We only think it would be fair that we would be unofficially deeming the Up dead and gone.

But not for good. We expect the all-new and much improved, Up 2.0, to make a come back at CES 2013. Obviously Jawbone has had more than enough time to not only learn from its past mistakes, but to also catch up to some of the new fitness tracking devices that have made their way into the fitness conscience part of the tech world - post Up. We're thinking the purported Up 2.0 will bring with it a show-thru dot-matrix LED time, calorie and step activity stat display - a la Nike FuelBand, along with Android and Windows 8 mobile support at the least. Until then, you might want to check out some new fitness tracking gadgets like the recently announced Fitbit One.

Nir Schneider


Jawbone Big Jambox Speaker Is Insanely Good Looking, Big & Thumpy

Big Jambox is big. Jawbone's portable and lovable Jambox Bluetooth speaker took some pills, and now it's bigger and much louder. Jawbone has announced its  Big Jambox wireless speaker today which is now available to pre-order at $300, and will hit retailers on May 15. Jawbone's Big Jambox continues the uber stylish design of the Jambox with three different styles and colors to pick from. Despite its huge, size, the Big Jambox is still very much a portable wireless speaker. 

Jawbone's Big Jambox is compatible with any device that supports A2DP Bluetooth audio streaming, and features additional on-board playback and volume controls across the top, a built-in rechargeable battery that will last up to 15 hours of party rocking, a 360-degree omnidirectional microphone with echo-cancellation for speakerphone functionality and two passive bass radiators and two stereo acoustic drivers for hi-fi sound full of clarity and richness at any volume. 

Jawbone Outs Icon HD Bluetooth Headset, Now Even Nerdier

Jawbone pumps out Bluetooth headsets more than anyone else, and now it has released the Icon HD + The Nerd Bluetooth headset with a $139.99 price tag to cover up those sophisticated good looks and impressive packaging. The Icon HD now boasts HD audio meaning you'll get an improved sound quality over the rest of Jawbone's headsets with a 10mm speaker inside for greater music listening, video viewing and of course call making quality. Jawbone says the Icon HD is their best sounding headset they've built so far. The Nerd is the tiny little USB Audio Adapter that lets you connect your Icon HD to any Mac or PC for audio streaming and Skype calling wonderness without having to use Bluetooth as a connection. Somewhat of a contradiction isn't it?

The Icon HD is also packed with features like the advanced noise cancellation NoiseAssassin 2.5 with wind reduction, media player play/pause controls, iPhone battery status indicator, various in-ear fittings and ear hooks as well as MyTalk compatibility. Jawbone's Icon HD with The Nerd is available right now in just one style this time.

Nir Schneider