The Jawbone Up Is Dead

Remember Jawbone's uber stylish, waterproof wristband fitness and sleep tracker? Yeah... We've also forgotten about it. To help jog your memory, Jawbone's Up was short lived due to a massive fault with each and every Up device having its internal rechargeable battery fail after only a few days of use. After issuing a total recall which we must say, Jawbone admirably handled and controlled the situation by promptly refunding its early adopters, or what felt like a bunch of beta testers, and letting them keep their dead fashion gadget accessory to boot.

Since that very day, Jawbone ceased to sell the Up and put up a notice saying that the Up will be coming back. But after nearly a year of waiting for Jawbone to get their act together, the Up band was a no show. We only think it would be fair that we would be unofficially deeming the Up dead and gone.

But not for good. We expect the all-new and much improved, Up 2.0, to make a come back at CES 2013. Obviously Jawbone has had more than enough time to not only learn from its past mistakes, but to also catch up to some of the new fitness tracking devices that have made their way into the fitness conscience part of the tech world - post Up. We're thinking the purported Up 2.0 will bring with it a show-thru dot-matrix LED time, calorie and step activity stat display - a la Nike FuelBand, along with Android and Windows 8 mobile support at the least. Until then, you might want to check out some new fitness tracking gadgets like the recently announced Fitbit One.

Nir Schneider