iPhone 5 Teardown Shows You The Internal Workings

The first iPhone 5 teardown comes courtesy of iPhone Garage this time, and it reveals the tightly constructed internals of the black iPhone 5. This time, the iPhone 5's back side and antenna band are actually a one-piece unibody design that serves as the mounting area for the majority of the components including the glued-on battery unlike the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The only removable part seems to be the iPhone 5's touchscreen display which puts the reparability close to that of Apple's Retina MacBook Pro. You have nothing to worry about though since you made the smart decision and opted to add Apple's $99 AppleCare+ accidental protection plan. Right?

More iPhone 5 teardown goodness down below!

Notice the black anodized internal aluminum? Nice touch, Apple. Now let's hope it stays black and not scratch easily to reveal the natural silver color of raw aluminum.

Nir Schneider