iPhone 5 Tortured With High Powered Laser Beams, Handguns

There's really no point other than pure, unadulterated entertainment when you shine five - ultra high-powered burning lasers onto the screen of an iPhone 5 until the inevitable happens. And if that's not enough, why not shoot the damn thing with a handgun in slow motion goodness? Enjoy!

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Fights The iPhone 5 In Casual Drop Test

Which of these two most talked about handsets will fare better in a drop test? The Samsung Galaxy S3's huge plastic and glass construction, or the iPhone 5's unibody aluminum and glass construction in a real life scenario drop test? Why don't we leave you a drop test video showing the result of a casual accidental drop from various heights onto concrete made by the folks over at Android Authority. You'll be as surprised as we were to find out which of the two holds up best in the hands of a clumsy user.

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iPhone 5 Tip: How To Maintain Your Battery Life

The longevity of your iPhone 5's battery is determined by how well you treat it. Kind of like giving your car its maintenance check every now and then. A properly maintained iPhone 5 battery is said to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after around 400 charging cycles. That's pretty great for rechargeable smartphone batteries. But if and only if you properly follow Apple's suggested iPhone battery guidelines. Apple suggests that you completely charge your iPhone's battery and drain it down until it shuts off on its own with use, at least once per month. This insures that the lithium battery refreshens its juicy bits inside it and renews the electrons. But the same holds true to all of Apple's devices in case you didn't know. Do this and your iPhone will hold a charge for a long time to come.

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Hands-On With The Black iPhone 5

Today in tech, was wholly dedicated to the release of the iPhone 5. That insanely thin, slim and mesmerizing beauty of metal and glass they call the iPhone five. The best iPhone Apple has ever made. If you must know, it feels even better to hold and use than the iPhone 4/S, and it's simply better in every way you look at it. As you can tell, the black iPhone 5 is undeniably sleek and stealthy like a Lockheed SR-71 from every angle you look at it compared to the white and silver toned iPhone 5. Initially, we feared that the black finish would wear off very easily, however, so far it seems to hold up very well with normal use. With that said, the white and silver iPhone 5 will show less wear and scratches over time.

Once you get one of these in your hands, the absolute best feature about the iPhone 5 isn't the boost in processing and graphics power, camera, faster wireless speeds or Lightning port. What really matters is the impressive 7.6mm thickness and wonderfully bright, crisp and accurately saturated 4-inch Retina display that's entirely within your thumb's reach compared to some of the ridiculously large screened smartphones out there. What's also noticeable is how lightweight the iPhone 5 feels and how naturally it seems to fit in your hand. The new taller form factor doesn't feel as awkward is it may seem, and it only benefits from having such a slim and extremely solid, tightly packed cement brick-like construction unmatched by any other smartphone that we know of.

Although we're a bit late to the party, we thought it would only be pretty cool of us to share with you our brand spanking new black iPhone 5 in the best possible way we can. It's the 32GB, AT&T model if you really must know. Click thru the gallery down below! And don't forget to snatch up a few Retina wallpapers if you want to customize your iPhone 5, or better yet protect your investment with a case using our ultimate iPhone 5 case guide.

Uh Oh. iPhone 5 "Scuffgate" Causes A Scandal

It is September 21st, 2012 and everybody is excited for the UPS delivery guy to knock on their doors with the brand spanking new iPhone 5. I'm not one to rain on people's parades but iFixit has released a rather worrisome video. 

As nature decided a long time ago, aluminum is not one of the most scratch-resistant materials in the world; glass does a much better job in comparison. As you'll see in the video past the break, a two-year old girl was able to put some nasty dents and blemishes on the black anodized aluminum. If you haven't already, we advise you to take a look at Gadgetmac's recommended iPhone 5 cases to prevent your iPhone from looking like iFixit's. 

iPhone 5 Teardown Shows You The Internal Workings

The first iPhone 5 teardown comes courtesy of iPhone Garage this time, and it reveals the tightly constructed internals of the black iPhone 5. This time, the iPhone 5's back side and antenna band are actually a one-piece unibody design that serves as the mounting area for the majority of the components including the glued-on battery unlike the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The only removable part seems to be the iPhone 5's touchscreen display which puts the reparability close to that of Apple's Retina MacBook Pro. You have nothing to worry about though since you made the smart decision and opted to add Apple's $99 AppleCare+ accidental protection plan. Right?

More iPhone 5 teardown goodness down below!

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Apple Releases The iPhone 5 Blueprint

Apple has released a fascinating in-depth, official iPhone 5 blueprint for case and accessory manufactures to help and guide the making of iPhone 5 accessories. The exact details are what help create protective cases to the exact specifications required with all the necessary port cutout dimensions for appropriate fit and unhindered performance. Apple has also noted on the blueprint that metal constructed cases should not come in contact with the iPhone 5's metal construction nor should they cover the glass ends where critical wireless antennas are placed. Pointers regarding the camera's LED flash and on how to create a design in which the case won't interfere when firing the flash were also noted. Needless to say some case manufactures skip the small details.

What's also interesting is the Apple's copyrights date all the way back to 2010, which is to say when Apple has officially created drafting plans for the iPhone 5. Apple released its iPhone 5 blueprint to everyone with access to Apple's developer program. Click the image above to view the original size.

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