Apple Releases The iPhone 5 Blueprint

Apple has released a fascinating in-depth, official iPhone 5 blueprint for case and accessory manufactures to help and guide the making of iPhone 5 accessories. The exact details are what help create protective cases to the exact specifications required with all the necessary port cutout dimensions for appropriate fit and unhindered performance. Apple has also noted on the blueprint that metal constructed cases should not come in contact with the iPhone 5's metal construction nor should they cover the glass ends where critical wireless antennas are placed. Pointers regarding the camera's LED flash and on how to create a design in which the case won't interfere when firing the flash were also noted. Needless to say some case manufactures skip the small details.

What's also interesting is the Apple's copyrights date all the way back to 2010, which is to say when Apple has officially created drafting plans for the iPhone 5. Apple released its iPhone 5 blueprint to everyone with access to Apple's developer program. Click the image above to view the original size.

Nir Schneider