Fitbit Outs Fitbit One, Fitbit Zip Fitness Trackers

It wasn't long ago since Fitbit released the Fitbit Ultra, and now it's time for a worthy replacement. The Fitbit One is the company's latest weather and sweat-proof fitness tracker which will track the daily amounts of calories you've burned, distance traveled, steps taken and even the number of stairs you've climbed. The Fitbit One features a vibrating alarm that silently wakes you up when worn on the wrist, and Bluetooth 4.0 that let's the One wirelessly sync your stats over to your iOS device, Mac or PC automatically. The Fitbit One is slimmer than its predecessor, has a built-in rechargeable battery that should last up to 7 days, and adds the ever so gimmicky sleep tracking feature that claims to help you sleep more soundly by tracking how long and well you've slept and in turn it'll throw your way a sleep quality rank and pattern stats. The Fitbit One is ready to be pre-ordered now for $100 in black and burgundy colors, and will ship in late October.

If tracking how well you've slept last night, staircase climbing and vibrating alarms aren't your thing, then the Fitbit Zip is the cuter chubby bunny, basic fitness tracker that does everything else. Unlike the rechargeable battery inside the One, the Zip actually includes a replaceable button battery used in watches that's said to last up to 6 months of use. And you're in luck too, because the Fitbit One not only comes in more color choices, it's available right now for $60. Both of these Fitbit trackers include a silicone clip that let's you wear them on your person.

Nir Schneider