Jawbone Outs Icon HD Bluetooth Headset, Now Even Nerdier

Jawbone pumps out Bluetooth headsets more than anyone else, and now it has released the Icon HD + The Nerd Bluetooth headset with a $139.99 price tag to cover up those sophisticated good looks and impressive packaging. The Icon HD now boasts HD audio meaning you'll get an improved sound quality over the rest of Jawbone's headsets with a 10mm speaker inside for greater music listening, video viewing and of course call making quality. Jawbone says the Icon HD is their best sounding headset they've built so far. The Nerd is the tiny little USB Audio Adapter that lets you connect your Icon HD to any Mac or PC for audio streaming and Skype calling wonderness without having to use Bluetooth as a connection. Somewhat of a contradiction isn't it?

The Icon HD is also packed with features like the advanced noise cancellation NoiseAssassin 2.5 with wind reduction, media player play/pause controls, iPhone battery status indicator, various in-ear fittings and ear hooks as well as MyTalk compatibility. Jawbone's Icon HD with The Nerd is available right now in just one style this time.

Nir Schneider