Jabra Rox Wireless Is A Rugged, Low-Profile Bluetooth In-Ear Headset

Introduced late last year, Jabra's new Rox Wireless is one of the smallest and most lightweight wireless in-ear headphones that we have seen. And they're now available to purchase at Apple retail stores and online. The $130 wireless in-ear stereo headset was designed to withstand the abuse of your daily gym and active lifestyle grind whilst enabling you to listen to music and answer an incoming call without a cable running down your body, and having to touch your smartphone or iPod. The Rox Wireless features in-line remote for music playback control, a microphone designed to cancel background noise while you talk, and a rugged, water and sweat-resistant solid steel construction with built-in magnets that allow you to clip the two earbuds together around you neck while they automatically activate a power saving mode.  

Jabra has partnered with Dolby to enhance the Rox Wireless' audio using the Jabra Sound app to provide "a rich and immersive, full-spectrum sound experience that brings your device to life and adds extra depth and dimension to your music." But even without using the app, the Rox Wireless should deliver clear sound with a bass punch.

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Stay Safe On The Road With BlueAnt's Q3 Smart Bluetooth Headset

CES is coming up soon on January 8th and we have some exciting new announcements. One of them happens to be coming from BlueAnt Wireless who specialize in Bluetooth headsets and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Their latest entry to their line up is the BlueAnt Q3, featuring intuitive one-touch controls, crystal clear call quality and a highly sought-after full voice integration with Siri and Google Voice commands. Best part is that it's got up to five hours of talk time with battery life shown through an on-screen indicator.

As it would make sense that your Bluetooth headset will see the most use during your commute, BlueAnt's Wind Armor technology allows for clear call experience even with your windows rolled down. The integration with Siri and Google Voice will theoretically make your drive entirely hands-free with your iPhone or Android device. These seem perfect for anyone looking for a trusty pair of headsets that you can rely on. 

Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headsets Upgraded With Wireless Charging

Nokia has revealed a new version of its NFC-enabled Luna Bluetooth headset which will now support wireless charging like the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 handsets. It's as simple as placing the Luna while its docked in the portable charging cradle on top of one of Nokia's new Qi-compatible wireless charging pads in order to instantly begin charging both the headset and the cradle. The wireless charging Luna headset will be available in five, Lumia matching colors presumably at around $80. Nokia is yet to official announce the price and availability. Check out Nokia's up beat demo video of how it all comes together after the jump.

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JayBird Freedom Sprint JF4 Wireless In-Ear Headphones, Fitness-Proof

JayBird has released a revamped version of its JF3 Freedom buds we reviewed late last year dubbed the JF4 Freedom Sprint. The new and improved Freedom Sprint is a sweat-resistant, wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones with headset functionality that is nearly identical to its predecessor, albeit redesigned to be 40% smaller with a number of minor enhancements. JayBird taunts that it has improved every aspect with the Sprint like a softer tangle-free cable, smaller micro-USB port for charging, hidden notification LED, repositioned top-facing multi-function button for easier reach, enhanced mic for clearer voice conversations and emphasized warm, thumping bass without the fatiguing. Not the most impressive improvements might we add. We do like the new matte black finish compared to the glossy, fingerprint magnet original Freedom.

What hasn't improved is battery life. The Freedom Sprint's battery performance is reduced down to 4.5 hours of battery life from the 6 hours of the original Freedom headset due to the weight loss. JayBird's Freedom Sprint also feature the same secure fit ear cushions and isolating tips for better secure in-ear comfort no matter how hard you push yourself, and are now available for $129.

Jawbone Outs Icon HD Bluetooth Headset, Now Even Nerdier

Jawbone pumps out Bluetooth headsets more than anyone else, and now it has released the Icon HD + The Nerd Bluetooth headset with a $139.99 price tag to cover up those sophisticated good looks and impressive packaging. The Icon HD now boasts HD audio meaning you'll get an improved sound quality over the rest of Jawbone's headsets with a 10mm speaker inside for greater music listening, video viewing and of course call making quality. Jawbone says the Icon HD is their best sounding headset they've built so far. The Nerd is the tiny little USB Audio Adapter that lets you connect your Icon HD to any Mac or PC for audio streaming and Skype calling wonderness without having to use Bluetooth as a connection. Somewhat of a contradiction isn't it?

The Icon HD is also packed with features like the advanced noise cancellation NoiseAssassin 2.5 with wind reduction, media player play/pause controls, iPhone battery status indicator, various in-ear fittings and ear hooks as well as MyTalk compatibility. Jawbone's Icon HD with The Nerd is available right now in just one style this time.

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Jaybird Outs Freedom JF3 Bluetooth Headphones, Reviews Them Too

Jaybird has tweaked its Freedom JF3 Bluetooth in-ear headphones since they first launched back in April and now Jaybird has enhanced the Freedom JF3 with new and secure fit silicone sports earcushions. The new and improved Jaybird Freedom JF3 Bluetooth in-ear headphones are said to be shake-proof thanks to the new secure fit silicone sports earcushions which will offer an incredibly secure fit for sports and active lifestyles while also adding comfort. Some of the features packed into the Freedom buds include sweat-proof housing, headset capabilities with controls and 6-hour battery life. These are available right now for $99 including free shipping. Catch the video review of the Freedom JF3 complete with an official unboxing after the jump. Oddly enough, the reviewer is actually the founder of Jaybird. Noice!

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Bluetrek's Carbon Is the World's First Carbon Fiber Bluetooth Headset

The Bluetrek Carbon is in fact the world's first ever real carbon fiber Bluetooth headset. The carbon fiber construction allows the Carbon Bluetooth headset to be so light that it only weighs .25 ounces (5.9 grams). Earhooks are apparently unnecessary on the Carbon as it comes with 4 different sized ear buds that promises you a very comfortable fit, even if you're wearing glasses. The Carbon is now on sale for a competitive print point of $69.99 and packs Bluetooth 3.0, simultaneous connection to 2 mobile phones, wind and echo noise-cancellation and more. Head on over to the Carbon's product page for more.

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