JayBird Freedom Sprint JF4 Wireless In-Ear Headphones, Fitness-Proof

JayBird has released a revamped version of its JF3 Freedom buds we reviewed late last year dubbed the JF4 Freedom Sprint. The new and improved Freedom Sprint is a sweat-resistant, wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones with headset functionality that is nearly identical to its predecessor, albeit redesigned to be 40% smaller with a number of minor enhancements. JayBird taunts that it has improved every aspect with the Sprint like a softer tangle-free cable, smaller micro-USB port for charging, hidden notification LED, repositioned top-facing multi-function button for easier reach, enhanced mic for clearer voice conversations and emphasized warm, thumping bass without the fatiguing. Not the most impressive improvements might we add. We do like the new matte black finish compared to the glossy, fingerprint magnet original Freedom.

What hasn't improved is battery life. The Freedom Sprint's battery performance is reduced down to 4.5 hours of battery life from the 6 hours of the original Freedom headset due to the weight loss. JayBird's Freedom Sprint also feature the same secure fit ear cushions and isolating tips for better secure in-ear comfort no matter how hard you push yourself, and are now available for $129.

Jaybird Outs Freedom JF3 Bluetooth Headphones, Reviews Them Too

Jaybird has tweaked its Freedom JF3 Bluetooth in-ear headphones since they first launched back in April and now Jaybird has enhanced the Freedom JF3 with new and secure fit silicone sports earcushions. The new and improved Jaybird Freedom JF3 Bluetooth in-ear headphones are said to be shake-proof thanks to the new secure fit silicone sports earcushions which will offer an incredibly secure fit for sports and active lifestyles while also adding comfort. Some of the features packed into the Freedom buds include sweat-proof housing, headset capabilities with controls and 6-hour battery life. These are available right now for $99 including free shipping. Catch the video review of the Freedom JF3 complete with an official unboxing after the jump. Oddly enough, the reviewer is actually the founder of Jaybird. Noice!

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JayBird Announced Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones

JayBird is now shipping their new SB2 Sportsband Bluetooth headphones in nine eye popping colors. The SB2 Sportsband feature a concealed microphone for making calls over Bluetooth and music control buttons that are located on the earpiece. Also, the they are said to have rich bass response. Available now for $99.

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