Petite Square: A Sleek Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, you can find them everywhere and it becomes increasingly hard to discover one that stands out. A new project on the crowd sourcing website, Indiegogo, looks to change that. Petite Square is a new type of Bluetooth speaker that is made of a 50,000 year old wood found only in New Zealand.

Ancient Kauri is said to be the oldest workable wood available and is used to craft violins, furniture and now, the Petite Square. Each speaker is a handmade 2 inch square with a pair of them being able to produce stereo quality sound. The Bluetooth enabled speaker lasts 15 hours on each charge and comes in over 10 different colors. Currently in their working prototype phase, they look to raise enough funds to begin mass production this April. The Petite Square starts at $59.

Edifier Releases Their Unique Spinnaker Speakers

Global leading audio designer Edifer has recently introduced their flagship Bluetooth speaker systems that take on a very odd and innovative shape. Inspired by the sails normally found on sailboats, Edifier has taken the concept and transformed it into something much more. Designed for optimal sound, the Spinnaker directs sound towards the listener for a high quality experience. Coming in at a respectable 16.5" tall, these speakers are equipped for crystal clear audio. With forward facing tweeters, mid-range drivers, and a downwards facing bass driver, these two speakers will constantly pummel you with powerful sound. 

With the help from its sail-like shape, the Spinnaker delivers lifelike and accurate sound quality that isn't muffled and distorted by enclosure vibrations. Featuring Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy your tunes without the bothersome cables and cords. If you were to choose to, there are also additional auxillary as well as optical inputs to fit anybody's home theatre needs. Combined with tri-amp technology for improved power and dynamics, the Spinnaker is willing to offer it all.

The Edifier Spinnaker is available in both black and burgandy colors for $350 on their website. 

Braven Releases Their Most Talented Wireless Speakers

The era of plugging your iPhone into a dock just to listen to music is over. The simplicity that Bluetooth offers creates the hassle and effort-free experience that all of us look for. Just connect your device wirelessly to your Braven Six series to experience high fidelity audio through a sleek aluminum design that combines both amazing sound with modern aesthetics.

The Braven Six Series comes in three different models: the 600, the 625, and the 650. Each of these models is designed with a specific purpose that will cater to every individual’s needs. Ranging from the basic 600 model to the luxury 650 model, Braven’s custom extended-range drivers with 3 watt speakers will blast out loud and crisp stereo audio. The most distinct model would be the 625 as it is encased in shock-absorbent rubber designed for outdoor use.

On top of great design and craftsmanship, the Braven Six Series boasts a stunning 12-20 hour of continuous playback as well as the capability of charging your device at the same time. If you were to receive a call while you’re in the middle of enjoying your tunes, Braven’s internal microphone can be utilized as a hands-free device. One of the most distinct features is the ability to daisy-chain multiple Braven speakers together for an even more astonishing and surround sound experience.

The Braven Six Series are currently available for shipping through their website. The Braven 600 will cost you $149.99, the 625s for $179.99, and the luxury 650s for $189.99.

Extend Your Smartphone To Your Wrist With The Cookoo Watch

You're busy with your daily life and you have urgent messages and calls that you don’t want to miss, but sometimes you just don’t hear your ringtone or feel your phone vibrate. It’s frustrating to check your phone and find that you have a bunch of messages or calls that you had no idea you recieved. ConnecteDevice has created a solution that will help you avoid all of these nuisances. The cookoo watch is a Bluetooth connected watch that will keep you updated with all of your latest messages and notifications all on the stylish clock face.

Even if you don’t have your phone on you, the cookoo watch will still notify you of your messages. This simple accessory can be customized and prioritized based on what you want. Using Bluetooth’s SMART technology, it will keep you connected with all of your daily updates. This Kickstarter project brings a simple concept and puts it onto your wrist to ensure you are always up-to-date. The best part is, you don’t have to recharge the cookoo watch everyday; the button-sized battery will last you the entire year. 

You can preorder the cookoo watch at Kickstarter beginning at $50, depending on your preference. It will be compatible with any Bluetooth SMART smartphones, such as the iPhone, the new iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy S3, as well as many others.

iHome’s New Party Essentials

Every party requires music, most parties require really loud music, but the best parties need really loud music along with awesome lighting. iHome unveils their iP76 Color Changing Speaker Tower that will help you to do just that. Dock in your iPhone and select between different light modes: fading colors from one to another, pulsing to the music, or producing a strobe-like effect. It will be sure to get the party going.

This tower features four Reson8 technology speakers, Bluetooth wireless streaming, and an iPhone dock on the top. iHome plans to release this party starter in June for $200. 

Soundmatters Outs foxLv2 Platinum Portable Bluetooth Speaker

FoxLv2 Platinum is Soundmatters latest Bluetooth portable speaker that promises a few improvements over the highly regarded foxLv2 other than its sleek faux platinum finish. For the $229, the foxLv2 Platinum offers improved Bluetooth streaming for CD quality audio playback, audiophile cabling and extended battery life for up to 10 hours of Bluetooth music listening bliss. The Bluetooth streaming technology is said to also be fully compatible with Mac computers running OS X Lion and Snow Leopard with perfect synchronization for enjoying movies and gaming. Well there you go, for an extra $30 you can get a better portable Bluetooth speaker starting on November.

Nir Schneider


Bose SoundLink Portable Speaker Streams Your Tunes Wirelessly

Bose just went all fancy pants on us with its newly released SoundLink portable speaker that can stream your music wirelessly over Bluetooth supporting the A2DP profile. Looks like Bose fell in love with Apple's Smart Cover idea and decides to incorporate a very similar idea into the SoundLink with fancy colored leather speaker covers that magnetically attach to the front face keeping the speaker protected while in transport and can turn the SoundLink speaker on and off while at the same time also serve as the device's stand when flipped underneath. How very neat. Bose's aluminum finished SoundLink portable speaker is so fancy it will set you back a cool $300. And that's only for the SoundLink with a nylon cover. Thinking about a more luxurious leather cover? That will be an additional $50.

There is a bit of audio magic behind the SoundLink's hood though. Bose's very own proprietary slim speakers deliver powerful sound using 2 dual-opposing passive radiators that promise deep lows and clear detailed sound quality. A built-in user replaceable, rechargeable battery should last up to 8 hours with the option to use the supplied wall adapter. It'll work with any Bluetooth device out there supporting the A2DP Bluetooth profile while also boasting an Auxiliary back input. The SoundLink portable speaker is available now with additional covers to be sold separately as well. Jawbone's Jambox is in for some steep competition.

Nir Schneider