Brave Through Short Battery Life With Braven's Smart BRV-BANK

No, Braven's new BRV-BANK isn't another smart wearable device. It is, however, the world's first Bluetooth-enabled smart portable backup battery pack that's also designed to be an essential piece of gadgetry for use out in the great outdoors as well as for emergency preparedness using a number of safety features wrapped in a everything-proof enclosure. With a 6000mAh rechargeable battery encased inside a sealed silicone-clad exterior that's ultra-tough, impact and water-resistant, the BRV-BANK is capable of charging two devices simultaneously using its two flap-covered USB ports no matter the terrain or weather condition. There's a fast 2.4A USB charging port designed for large devices like tablets, and a 1A USB charging port which you can use to either charge a smartphone or power on the included USB flashlight attachment accessory.

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Braven Releases Their Most Talented Wireless Speakers

The era of plugging your iPhone into a dock just to listen to music is over. The simplicity that Bluetooth offers creates the hassle and effort-free experience that all of us look for. Just connect your device wirelessly to your Braven Six series to experience high fidelity audio through a sleek aluminum design that combines both amazing sound with modern aesthetics.

The Braven Six Series comes in three different models: the 600, the 625, and the 650. Each of these models is designed with a specific purpose that will cater to every individual’s needs. Ranging from the basic 600 model to the luxury 650 model, Braven’s custom extended-range drivers with 3 watt speakers will blast out loud and crisp stereo audio. The most distinct model would be the 625 as it is encased in shock-absorbent rubber designed for outdoor use.

On top of great design and craftsmanship, the Braven Six Series boasts a stunning 12-20 hour of continuous playback as well as the capability of charging your device at the same time. If you were to receive a call while you’re in the middle of enjoying your tunes, Braven’s internal microphone can be utilized as a hands-free device. One of the most distinct features is the ability to daisy-chain multiple Braven speakers together for an even more astonishing and surround sound experience.

The Braven Six Series are currently available for shipping through their website. The Braven 600 will cost you $149.99, the 625s for $179.99, and the luxury 650s for $189.99.