Griffin's Survivor Power Bank Battery Will Outlast Your Precious iPhone


Griffin's new Survivor Power Bank is the company's toughest and most durable portable backup battery pack capable of charging both smartphones and tablets using its internal 10,050 mAh capacity, which can recharge devices such as the iPhone 6s Plus up to three times - while nearly fully charging much larger devices such as the iPad Pro back up to 95%. The Survivor Power Bank features a built-in LED emergency flashlight, and a resilient hard polycarbonate and rubber design that meets military standards for drop, impact, water and dust protection. While it only has a single USB charging port, the Survivor Power Bank is relatively affordable and unlike your smartphone, it's guaranteed by Griffin for life.

Wirelessly Charge Your Moto 360 With This Portable Backup Battery

The day has finally come and Motorola's highly anticipated Android Wear smartwatch is here and it's available to purchase for $250. But now that many people have gotten their wrists wrapped in a elegantly designed smart timepiece that is the Moto 360, our biggest fear was realized when it was revealed that Motorola's premium smartwatch only had one day battery life. No matter how great and useful the Moto 360 is with its Android notifications and Google Now integration, charging your watch on a daily basis isn't fun. Nor is becoming tethered to a wall charger. And with no micro-USB port to charge the Moto 360 over regular means of charging like using a portable battery charger or even using your laptop, you're $250 investment may not live on your wrist for very long.

Fortunately there's still some hope. While the Moto 360 can be charged using its wireless charging dock, it also supports the universally accepted Qi wireless charging standard. And that means it can also be recharged on the go using a special kind of a battery. Notably a battery like the QiStone+. It's a portable backup battery with a respectable 4,000mAh capacity that features Qi wireless charging support in addition to its regular USB charging port. Meaning you can set your Moto 360 on top of its smooth pebble-like surface to wirelessly charge while out on a trip without having to carry around the Moto 360's charging dock and wall adapter cable. How awesome is that? And why hasn't Motorola thought about doing this in the first place?

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TopGum Battery Charges Your iPhone With Its Built-In Lightning Cable

Just Mobile introduced its latest mobile accessory today called the TopGum, an ultra-portable backup battery that features a short built-in, retractable Lightning connector charging cable for hassle-free iPhone, iPad and iPod charging. Like Just Mobile's celebrated Gum++ battery, the Top Gum has a 6,000mAh battery capacity capable of charging an iPhone up to three times and an iPad mini up to 75%.

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Brave Through Short Battery Life With Braven's Smart BRV-BANK

No, Braven's new BRV-BANK isn't another smart wearable device. It is, however, the world's first Bluetooth-enabled smart portable backup battery pack that's also designed to be an essential piece of gadgetry for use out in the great outdoors as well as for emergency preparedness using a number of safety features wrapped in a everything-proof enclosure. With a 6000mAh rechargeable battery encased inside a sealed silicone-clad exterior that's ultra-tough, impact and water-resistant, the BRV-BANK is capable of charging two devices simultaneously using its two flap-covered USB ports no matter the terrain or weather condition. There's a fast 2.4A USB charging port designed for large devices like tablets, and a 1A USB charging port which you can use to either charge a smartphone or power on the included USB flashlight attachment accessory.

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ChargeAll, The First Portable Battery Pack With An AC Outlet

This is ChargeAll, and it claims to be the world's first and smallest portable battery pack to have an AC power outlet built-in. Unlike traditional backup batteries, this one features a full sized AC power outlet in addition to a regular old USB charging port. Available in two capacities: one with a 12,000mAh internal rechargeable lithium battery and a larger ChargeAll battery (still portable) with a 18,000mAh capacity capable of recharging any device that requires up to 85W of power like a MacBook Pro. In fact, the people behind the ChargeAll battery say that its 12,000mAh portable battery can fully recharge a MacBook Pro two times over, while the larger battery can triple that amount which sounds like an impressive claim to fame to say the least.

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New Trent's PowerPak Xtreme Rugged Battery Is Powerfully Inexpensive

New Trent's new PowerPak Xtreme backup battery taunts a gut-punching ruggedized design that's equivalent to LifeProof's all-weather cases, because this thick rubber-clad battery pack is water, drop, dirt and shock-proof. An ideal set of skills geared for outdoor seekers and travel enthusiasts who want to ensure their USB-based devices stay powered up anytime, anywhere and at any weather condition.

Weighing in at 11oz and measuring 5.5" long by 2.75" wide with a thickness of 1.25", the PowerPak Xtreme features a massive built-in 12,000mAh rechargeable battery with dual, not-so-high-powered USB ports enabling it to charge two mobile devices simultaneously. As for performance, New Trent claims that its PowerPak Xtreme's 12,000 battery capacity is enough to fully refuel a full sized iPad once and then some, and that smaller devices like the iPhone 5 can be fully recharged up to 6 times. Tablets like the iPad will charge with 2A of power, while all smartphones get only 1A of power through charging. The good news though, New Trent's PowerPak Xtreme retails for a cool $60. Not so bad for a mobile powerhouse. Now where's that battery LED meter indicator?

SwitchEasy Intros Tanks 6000mAh Portable Battery Pack

SwitchEasy's new Tanks is a 6000mAh durable portable battery that features a fast 2.1A USB output port for quick recharging of any smartphone on the go. SwitchEasy's unique twist on a portable battery pack reveals a cable-friendly, oxygen tank-like shape (hence the name) that lets you wrap any cable around the Tanks while an easy-to-read 4-step battery gauge displays the remaining battery life using white LEDs. Made out of glossy plastic and rubberized bumpers, the compact Tanks battery pack is available right now in white and black for $70.

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