ChargeAll, The First Portable Battery Pack With An AC Outlet

This is ChargeAll, and it claims to be the world's first and smallest portable battery pack to have an AC power outlet built-in. Unlike traditional backup batteries, this one features a full sized AC power outlet in addition to a regular old USB charging port. Available in two capacities: one with a 12,000mAh internal rechargeable lithium battery and a larger ChargeAll battery (still portable) with a 18,000mAh capacity capable of recharging any device that requires up to 85W of power like a MacBook Pro. In fact, the people behind the ChargeAll battery say that its 12,000mAh portable battery can fully recharge a MacBook Pro two times over, while the larger battery can triple that amount which sounds like an impressive claim to fame to say the least.

You can also power on things like a curling iron, and of course charge other devices like your camera, tablet or your smartphone multiple times using the ChargeAll battery pack. So the next time you're caught with a low battery somewhere where you can't just plug in to recharge, you'll probably regrete not picking a ChargeAll portable battery. You can do just that, or at least pre-order one right now starting at $99 over at the crowed-funding site, Indiegogo. See it in action in the video down below: