ThinCharge Claims To Be The Slimmest iPhone 6 & 6s Battery Case


An Indiegogo campaign for a new battery case claims that it's the world's thinnest and lightest battery case made for the iPhone 6, including the upcoming iPhone 6s. The ThinCharge battery case seems like the perfect solution for those looking for drop protection and extra battery life without the bulk. It's slimmer and considerably shorter compared to Mophie's 0.61"-thick Juice Pack Air, and still provides the same amount of backup power. Featuring a soft-touch, matte finished exterior and a Lightning connector pass-through for charging both the iPhone and the battery case itself, the ThinCharge conceals a 2,600mAh rechargeable battery inside its sleek 0.5"-thick form factor capable of providing a full charge with the press of a button.

ThinCharge is currently being funded on Indiegogo and so far has successfully exceeded its funding goal of $30,000. Early backers of the campaign can pre-order the ThinCharge battery case for the iPhone 6 for $59, which is expected to ship in limited quantities as early as next month. Anyone who pre-orders the case will also have the option of waiting for the iPhone 6s version of the ThinCharge.

ChargeAll, The First Portable Battery Pack With An AC Outlet

This is ChargeAll, and it claims to be the world's first and smallest portable battery pack to have an AC power outlet built-in. Unlike traditional backup batteries, this one features a full sized AC power outlet in addition to a regular old USB charging port. Available in two capacities: one with a 12,000mAh internal rechargeable lithium battery and a larger ChargeAll battery (still portable) with a 18,000mAh capacity capable of recharging any device that requires up to 85W of power like a MacBook Pro. In fact, the people behind the ChargeAll battery say that its 12,000mAh portable battery can fully recharge a MacBook Pro two times over, while the larger battery can triple that amount which sounds like an impressive claim to fame to say the least.

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Petite Square: A Sleek Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, you can find them everywhere and it becomes increasingly hard to discover one that stands out. A new project on the crowd sourcing website, Indiegogo, looks to change that. Petite Square is a new type of Bluetooth speaker that is made of a 50,000 year old wood found only in New Zealand.

Ancient Kauri is said to be the oldest workable wood available and is used to craft violins, furniture and now, the Petite Square. Each speaker is a handmade 2 inch square with a pair of them being able to produce stereo quality sound. The Bluetooth enabled speaker lasts 15 hours on each charge and comes in over 10 different colors. Currently in their working prototype phase, they look to raise enough funds to begin mass production this April. The Petite Square starts at $59.