TopGum Battery Charges Your iPhone With Its Built-In Lightning Cable

Just Mobile introduced its latest mobile accessory today called the TopGum, an ultra-portable backup battery that features a short built-in, retractable Lightning connector charging cable for hassle-free iPhone, iPad and iPod charging. Like Just Mobile's celebrated Gum++ battery, the Top Gum has a 6,000mAh battery capacity capable of charging an iPhone up to three times and an iPad mini up to 75%. In addition to a built-in Lightning connector cable, the TopGum battery also features a standard 1A USB charging port that can charge any USB-powered device on the go. And when you're all out of juice, the TopGum comes with its own magnetic charging dock for convenient desktop recharging without having to physically plug in the optional included micro-USB charging cable.

Just Mobile's sleek looking TopGum battery is partly constructed out of an aluminum unibody construction, can charge two devices at the same time, and features four LEDs on its side that show you the remaining battery life.  You can pre-order the TopGum backup battery right now for $80, but you'll still have to wait until it starts shipping in October to get your hands on it.