New Trent's PowerPak Xtreme Rugged Battery Is Powerfully Inexpensive

New Trent's new PowerPak Xtreme backup battery taunts a gut-punching ruggedized design that's equivalent to LifeProof's all-weather cases, because this thick rubber-clad battery pack is water, drop, dirt and shock-proof. An ideal set of skills geared for outdoor seekers and travel enthusiasts who want to ensure their USB-based devices stay powered up anytime, anywhere and at any weather condition.

Weighing in at 11oz and measuring 5.5" long by 2.75" wide with a thickness of 1.25", the PowerPak Xtreme features a massive built-in 12,000mAh rechargeable battery with dual, not-so-high-powered USB ports enabling it to charge two mobile devices simultaneously. As for performance, New Trent claims that its PowerPak Xtreme's 12,000 battery capacity is enough to fully refuel a full sized iPad once and then some, and that smaller devices like the iPhone 5 can be fully recharged up to 6 times. Tablets like the iPad will charge with 2A of power, while all smartphones get only 1A of power through charging. The good news though, New Trent's PowerPak Xtreme retails for a cool $60. Not so bad for a mobile powerhouse. Now where's that battery LED meter indicator?