Wirelessly Charge Your Moto 360 With This Portable Backup Battery

The day has finally come and Motorola's highly anticipated Android Wear smartwatch is here and it's available to purchase for $250. But now that many people have gotten their wrists wrapped in a elegantly designed smart timepiece that is the Moto 360, our biggest fear was realized when it was revealed that Motorola's premium smartwatch only had one day battery life. No matter how great and useful the Moto 360 is with its Android notifications and Google Now integration, charging your watch on a daily basis isn't fun. Nor is becoming tethered to a wall charger. And with no micro-USB port to charge the Moto 360 over regular means of charging like using a portable battery charger or even using your laptop, you're $250 investment may not live on your wrist for very long.

Fortunately there's still some hope. While the Moto 360 can be charged using its wireless charging dock, it also supports the universally accepted Qi wireless charging standard. And that means it can also be recharged on the go using a special kind of a battery. Notably a battery like the QiStone+. It's a portable backup battery with a respectable 4,000mAh capacity that features Qi wireless charging support in addition to its regular USB charging port. Meaning you can set your Moto 360 on top of its smooth pebble-like surface to wirelessly charge while out on a trip without having to carry around the Moto 360's charging dock and wall adapter cable. How awesome is that? And why hasn't Motorola thought about doing this in the first place?

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Tunto LED 8 PowerKiss Desk Lamp Can Wirelessly Charge Your Gadgets

Who would have thought that an ultra-cool LED lamp that features a wireless inductive charging surface mashed into one uber modern piece of technological lightpiece would cost upwards of $1400? The Tunto LED 8 PowerKiss table lamp is far from my budget for a desk lamp, but the things that I would do to own one... Its got an array of 9 bright LED lights for a total brightness output of 870 lumens hidden inside an ultra-thin piece of brilliantly finished wood of your choosing that is bent into its minimalist and Finnish designed shape. What's more is that the Tunto LED 8 PowerKiss lamp features touch-sensitive buttons for adjusting the light intensity and of course power on/off. What you won't be getting are ambient light sensors that will automatically adjust the light for you.

The lamp was designed by an award-winning design brand called Tunto with help of wireless charging technology made by PowerKiss. If your device doesn't support wireless charging, you've got to plug in a PowerKiss Ring adapter which will then let you wirelessly charge your device when set on top of the lamp's wooden base. PowerKiss' wireless technology does support the Qi standard, but the company doesn't offer any Apple Lightning adapters yet as one could also tell by the iPhone 4S being charged in the photo above. It's a beautiful piece nonetheless. And if you could live without the wireless charging feature, you'll be saving a whole lot of cash going with one of Tunto's smaller LED1 models that start at $660, and are also offered in multiple vibrant colors.

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Mobee Goes Double Wireless With Inductive Magic Tunes Speaker, Magic Juice Backup Battery

Mobee Technology is in the news today for their latest additions to the Mobee collection of wireless inductive products that aim to set the standard for green and innovative gadgetry at CES 2013. Announcing three new products, the Magic Juice, Magic Tunes, and Magic Link giving a new definition to green power solutions.

The aluminum constructed Magic Juice keeps your iDevices alive after a long day of work, acting as a backup battery that is portable and easy-to-store. Just plug your iPad in for a full charge or your iPhone in for two. This is perfect for the traveler who can't always find an electrical outlet when on-the-move constantly. In addition to charging your iDevice, the Magic Juice can wirelessly charge itself with any of Mobee's flat inductive charging stations. It'll go on sale for $79. 

The Magic Tunes is an aluminum-made wireless Bluetooth capable compact speaker that is designed to be used in tandem with your mobile device. This small speaker is also equipped with an integrated microphone which makes it ideal for conference calls. Just like the Magic Juice, the Magic Tunes can be wirelessly charged when put on one of Mobee's inductive charging platforms. The Magic Tunes will retail for $99.

Lastly, the Magic Link is an unique charging cable that automatically turns itself off and stops sucking more power and hiking up your electricity bill. The cable itself illuminates a green color when it is on. While the cable is blinking, you know your device is charging. When the cable isn't showing any color, you know it's off. The Magic Link is compatible with the Lightning port, the 30 pin port, and mini and micro USB ports. The Magic Link will be available for $49. 

Going Deep: A Look At Nokia's Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has been around for years, but it never really got adopted quite as well as what Nokia has done with its new line of Lumia smartphones and accompanied wireless charging accessories. Nokia's brilliant new convenient wireless charging accessories have an ultra-modern, innovative design to fit the style sense of the Lumia series. We really love what we're seeing out of Nokia. Bright, vibrant colors and sleek, shiny plastic seems to be "in" right now. Nokia made wireless charging so fascinating with good design. Take the Lumia 820, Lumia 920 or the wireless charging enabled Luna headset, and use one of Nokia's four different charging pads in various shapes and sizes to rid of your daily cable plugging routine.


The Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-900 comes in five, Lumia matching colors and sports a sleek, 11mm thick low-profile design with a white LED charging indicator. All it does is charge and look pretty.

Nokia's second wireless charger is more of a giant mat in comparison. The Fatboy Recharge Pillow DT-901 is a nylon fabric pillow of a wireless charging pad that does exactly what the Charging Plate does, except it offers a bit more roof for when you get home all tired, and carelessly throw your Lumia on it to charge. You really can't miss it. Nokia's Recharge Pillow DT-901 is designed by Fatboy pillows and will also be available in multiple colors of course.

There's more Nokia wireless charging accessory goodness after the cut!

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Mobee Debuts Magic Feet & Power Bar, Magical Wireless Charging Orgy

CES 2012 is fast approaching and companies are eager to show us what they've got in store. Mobee has announced its latest Mac peripheral accessories today including the Magic Feet and Power Bar. Both of which are means of conveniently keeping your Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad all charged up without wasting batteries and time. The Magic Feet is Mobee's Magic Bar and Magic Charger all fit into one big inductive charging station made out of white plastic and aluminum that can wirelessly recharge your Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse at once, or both the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse using inductive rechargeable cylinder battery and a rechargeable battery pack.

The Magic Feet can charge up to three devices simultaneously, but you're out of luck if you want to charge both Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad at the same time. It takes 6 hours to fully charge a device which will then last for 10 days on a single charge. The Magic Feet will start shipping early March for $149.90.

Mobee's second charging accessory is a lot more affordable and called the Power Bar. Instead of going with wireless induction charging, the Power Bar replaces the Magic Trackpad's double AA batteries with its own screw-in, rechargeable battery cylinder that can be recharged using a micro-USB cable taking up virtually no space unlike its siblings. The Power Bar is also expected to be available in early March for $29.90. Both are now available to pre-order.

Getpowerpad Qi Wireless Charger Charges Qi Devices, Supports iPhone 5

The wait is almost over and we're already starting to see companies claiming to release iPhone 5 compatible accessories. Wireless charging is still a bit of a gimmick with Powermat being the first to get everyone excited about its wireless inductive charging products for mobile gadgets. Getpowerpad's own inductive chargers put a much more modern spin on wireless charging with its latest Qi wireless charger. The Qi is a single, portable gadget charging platform at an affordable price that with Getpowerpad receiver cases, is compatible with any future mobile phone Getpowerpad decides on supporting including the iPhone 5.

Currently the Qi will be able to start wirelessly charging any mobile phone that supports the international Qi battery technology standard. Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia and Blackberry are those who currently support the Qi standard that is built right into the battery itself and will not require the addition of case receivers like the ones for the iPhone. The Getpowerpad Qi wireless charger will light up a blue LED strip letting you know your phone is charging coupled with a sound indicator. The Getpowerpad Qi will also be compatible with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G/S and is expected to be released at the end of the year. 

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Artwizz Induction Charger Charges Magic Mouse Wirelessly

Looks like Artwizz loved Mobee's inductive Magic Charger so much that it decided to create their own version. Well, it almost looks identical actually. Nevertheless, Artwizz's Induction Charger is an inductive charging platform for the Apple wireless Magic Mouse offering the same features as the Magic Charger with one exception, the Induction Charger is actually made out of aluminum with a white plastic surface. The Induction Charger works by inserting an induction rechargeable battery set into the Magic Mouse that allows you to charge your Magic Mouse wirelessly by placing it on top of the Induction Charger. The Artwizz Induction Charger for the Magic Mouse is available now in Europe for €39.99 ($56).

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