Logitech Debuts X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker

Logitech's X300 is the company's latest strikingly snazzy portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with angled drivers that are said to output an expansive sound spectrum with precise bass response, detailed mids and highs. The X300 is a stereo performance variant of Logitech's smaller and more affordable single-driver X100 wireless speaker. Logitech did not release information regarding the X300's driver specs, but from an exploded interior view of the X300 on Logitech's website it looks like there are at least four symmetrically positioned drivers. The X300 features a svelte rubberized design with circular on-board buttons at the top for music playback and call control, speakerphone functionality and a built-in rechargeable battery with up to 5 hours of continues wireless audio streaming.

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Jawbone Mini Jambox Speaker, So Portable It Can Fit In Your Pocket

Today Jawbone has finally introduced a new speaker that will join its iconic lineup of portable wireless Bluetooth speakers, the Mini Jambox. The slimmer, lighter, more portable Mini Jambox features an all-new aluminum enclosure which is available in multiple patterns and colors designed by renowned designer, Yves Behar. Internally, the Mini Jambox features the same hardware found on the original Jambox - a microphone for speakerphone functionality as well as two proprietary audio drivers and one passive bass radiator actively tweaked using Jawbone's digital signaling processing to deliver the best performing rich sound quality at any volume level.

Jawbone's Mini Jambox also features on-board music playback and speakerphone controls, Bluetooth 4.0, and a built-in rechargeable battery capable of providing 10 hours of continuous wireless music streaming, and an exclusive iOS and Android app that lets users adjust the audio settings on the Mini Jambox while also take control of their iTunes, Rdio, and Spotify music libraries using the single app.

The Mini Jambox isn't going to replace Jawbone's original Jambox speaker just yet, but it's still priced equally at $180. The new stylish wireless Bluetooth portable speaker is now available for pre-order in nine different colors and grille pattern designs, and is expected to be released later this month.

Ultimate Ears UE Boom Wireless Portable Speaker Has It All

Can't get enough of these portable Bluetooth speakers? You're in for quite a treat if you're shopping around for that awesome package of portable audio goodness because Ultimate Ears has recently come out with the UE Boom, a powerful wireless Bluetooth speaker capable of pushing out loud 360-degree sound to liven up your boring party wherever it may be. Marketed as a versatile speaker with speakerphone features and oversized on-board volume controls, the UE Boom is also built to withstand a splash of water thanks to its unique acoustic protective skin that makes it water and stain-resistant.

Its got dual 1.5-inch performance audio drivers as well as two 2-inch passive radiators to help separate bass from mids and highs, which we think is going to make the UE Boom a very compelling portable speaker at its $200 price. Other features include NFC for easy touch pairing with Android NFC enabled devices, ability to join a second UE Boom to a single audio source for a stereo sound using an iOS or Android device, and last but not least the UE Boom packs a 15-hour rechargeable battery housed inside an attractively designed body no less. You can pick one up now in 6 different colors.

Nixon Blaster Portable Speaker Announced

Nixon bro! The totally rad brand of sporting goods has a new portable speaker up its sleeve that like a bunch of others, wants to win your wallet over Jawbone's Big Jambox. Nixon's new Blaster is a durable, and powerful portable Bluetooth speaker built to withstand the elements of weather and shock-inducing mishaps with its shock-resistant silicone clad construction of which Nixon claims is "nearly indestructible". Hardware wise, the Blaster encases custom-tuned drivers of unknown specification, and an impressive 18-hour rechargeable battery for all-day tune cranking at the skate park. We don't know any specific details other than a slated May release.

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Bem Wireless Speaker Trio System Splits Into Three Speakers

Bem Wireless wants to make your listening pleasure all the more convenient with its new Speaker Trio, a wireless speaker system that combines three individual wireless speakers you can place anywhere you'd like within a 120 feet (36.5 meters). The three speakers stream music wirelessly over a Bluetooth connection with a base station that also doubles as a wireless conductive charging bay. Yeah, no AirPlay with these. But you are going to pay $300 for the Speaker Trio. Each of the three 6-inch cube-shaped speakers features a soft-touch rubber finish, bottom glow lightning effect, touch-sensitive volume buttons and a 6 hour battery life. The Speaker Trio's base has a Bluetooth range distance of 25 feet (7.6 meters), and pairs up with your iOS device to stream music wirelessly which is played thru all three speakers simultaneously.

Bem Wireless claims its Speaker Trio speakers are capable of powerful sound with pounding beats, but we're going to remain skeptical about the sound quality these can actually produce in person. You can purchase the Speaker Trio starting today in black or white colors for $300. The company is also selling a smaller, portable version of its Speaker Trio as a 2.5" solo speaker called the Mobile Speaker - which is available in more vibrant colors for $100 each.

OYO Ballo Ping-Pong Sized Portable Speaker

Portable speakers literally come in all shapes and sizes from the looks of OYO's Swiss designed Ballo portable wired speaker. The Ballo is a tiny, ping-pong-sized ball of a mono speaker that delivers 360 degree sound that's "massive for its size". And when placed on a flat surface, it enhances its bass performance while a colored rubber band provides the traction and vibration reduction. The Ballo is equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and a 3.5mm audio input making it compatible with all smartphones and tablets. When connecting the Ballo to any audio source, the speaker turns on automatically. If mono sounding audio isn't going to cut if for you, at $30 a piece - stereo sound can be achieved when two Ballo speakers are connected using an audio splitter. 

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Mobee Goes Double Wireless With Inductive Magic Tunes Speaker, Magic Juice Backup Battery

Mobee Technology is in the news today for their latest additions to the Mobee collection of wireless inductive products that aim to set the standard for green and innovative gadgetry at CES 2013. Announcing three new products, the Magic Juice, Magic Tunes, and Magic Link giving a new definition to green power solutions.

The aluminum constructed Magic Juice keeps your iDevices alive after a long day of work, acting as a backup battery that is portable and easy-to-store. Just plug your iPad in for a full charge or your iPhone in for two. This is perfect for the traveler who can't always find an electrical outlet when on-the-move constantly. In addition to charging your iDevice, the Magic Juice can wirelessly charge itself with any of Mobee's flat inductive charging stations. It'll go on sale for $79. 

The Magic Tunes is an aluminum-made wireless Bluetooth capable compact speaker that is designed to be used in tandem with your mobile device. This small speaker is also equipped with an integrated microphone which makes it ideal for conference calls. Just like the Magic Juice, the Magic Tunes can be wirelessly charged when put on one of Mobee's inductive charging platforms. The Magic Tunes will retail for $99.

Lastly, the Magic Link is an unique charging cable that automatically turns itself off and stops sucking more power and hiking up your electricity bill. The cable itself illuminates a green color when it is on. While the cable is blinking, you know your device is charging. When the cable isn't showing any color, you know it's off. The Magic Link is compatible with the Lightning port, the 30 pin port, and mini and micro USB ports. The Magic Link will be available for $49.