OYO Ballo Ping-Pong Sized Portable Speaker

Portable speakers literally come in all shapes and sizes from the looks of OYO's Swiss designed Ballo portable wired speaker. The Ballo is a tiny, ping-pong-sized ball of a mono speaker that delivers 360 degree sound that's "massive for its size". And when placed on a flat surface, it enhances its bass performance while a colored rubber band provides the traction and vibration reduction. The Ballo is equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and a 3.5mm audio input making it compatible with all smartphones and tablets. When connecting the Ballo to any audio source, the speaker turns on automatically. If mono sounding audio isn't going to cut if for you, at $30 a piece - stereo sound can be achieved when two Ballo speakers are connected using an audio splitter. 

Nir Schneider