Goal Zero’s Yeti 150 Solar Generator Charges All Of Your Devices Using Just The Power Of The Sun

Accessories for charging tablets and phones have been on the market for some time now but Goal Zero’s new Yeti 150 Solar Generator introduces the world to a new portable charger that can go anywhere. It is the little brother to the larger and more powerful Yeti 1250 Solar Generator which conveniently has a 1250Wh battery (large enough to power your refrigerator and then some), a specially designed solar panel for outdoor charging,  and multiple ports including: DC, USB, and AC.

What could better than that? Glad you asked. With the Yeti 150, consumers are able to get all the usefulness of the Yeti 1250 without the weight, 103 lbs vs. 12 lbs, and still have the ability to charges multiple devices easily with its 150 watt hour battery. Going on a camping trip or just a day hike but might need some extra juice? No worries, the Yeti 150 can easily stow away in a backpack and takes 15 hours to charge via solar power and still has the ability to charge via a power outlet.

Now, there are other products on the market that have similar functions but why not purchase from a company that cares about the people they are helping? When Hurricane Sandy struck the northeast, Goal Zero decided that this was an opportunity they could use to help the victims affected by the storm. For 15 days in November, they ran a campaign in which for every kit that was purchased, they would donate one to the relief effort. In the end, they donated over $590,000 worth of equipment to people in desperate need of electricity. For those looking to purchase the Yeti 150, it will be available in the spring for $400.