Lacie Blade Runner External Hard Drive Designed By Philippe Starck


We just had an OMG that is so awesome moment looking at Lacie's new and limited edition Blade Runner external hard drive designed by French designer, Philippe Starck. With a 4TB storage capacity as standard and USB 3.0 connection, the Blade Runner has to be the most artistically designed hard drive ever made. It's made with an aluminum casing designed with large vertical fins or blades as they call them, which double as a heatsink for cooling the drive enclosed inside what looks like a morphed liquid metal blob. Not that it needs such gaudy cooling, but think of it as a practical art form. The exterior plus mark glows orange against the darkened aluminum surface when the drive operates. Lacie has yet to release further details, but all we know is it'll cost a modest $300. Only 9,999 Blade Runner drives were produced.