Logitech Debuts X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker

Logitech's X300 is the company's latest strikingly snazzy portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with angled drivers that are said to output an expansive sound spectrum with precise bass response, detailed mids and highs. The X300 is a stereo performance variant of Logitech's smaller and more affordable single-driver X100 wireless speaker. Logitech did not release information regarding the X300's driver specs, but from an exploded interior view of the X300 on Logitech's website it looks like there are at least four symmetrically positioned drivers. The X300 features a svelte rubberized design with circular on-board buttons at the top for music playback and call control, speakerphone functionality and a built-in rechargeable battery with up to 5 hours of continues wireless audio streaming.

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