What If HTC's One Was Actually Apple's iPhone 6

HTC's One is undisputedly the best looking Android handset of the year, arguably borrowing a lot from Apple's unique design language and iconic build quality etiquette. Any iPhone user wouldn't be ashamed in admitting he or she would love to own one if only it were running iOS instead of Android. And that got us thinking, what would it be like if the HTC One was actually Apple's next generation iPhone? It would have been a marvelous 4.7-inch device running a totally revamped iOS 7, a truly reimagined iPhone built from the ground up with refreshing new features, and less of an iPhone circa 2007 influence to restrict innovation from moving forward.

In other words, we iOS users hope that Apple would take note of HTC's brilliant design and that includes simple things like a front-facing speaker, because there's an awful lot of tempting competition quickly rising which will turn many bored consumers over to the Green Side, or at least for a little while.

Now that HTC stepped up its game, we bet Apple is feeling the pressure from its customers and rivals like Samsung and HTC. The expectations for the iPhone 6 are extremely high. But until then, there is no doubt that we will see an iPhone 5S before any sort of breakthrough iPhone steps into fruition.

Nir Schneider


Luxi Light Meter For The iPhone

Photographers know that light is one of the most important aspects in taking great shots and many use a light meter to make sure they get most accurately exposed photo. The problem with this is that Light Meters are expensive and difficult to use and many times they may not be on you when you need it. Enter the Luxi Light Meter for the iPhone, a portable and easy to use device that clips onto the rear camera of your phone. When used with the free app, it can help you determine the best settings for your DSLR camera and is just as accurate as more expensive Light Meters available on the market. Accessories like this are what make the iPhone so versatile and for $19 this is something that any photographer, amateur or serious, should not pass up. 

Kickstarter Launches iPhone App

As a creative outlet for people to help fund and follow new projects, Kickstarter has finally released a full featured iPhone App. As soon as you open it, you are presented with three options in Discover, Activity, and Profile. Discover lets you find new projects using a variety of search functions including: Staff Picks, Popular, and by category. If you like something you see, clicking on the project will show you a description, video, and pledge information. Activity will allow you to track the projects you have backed and inform you of updates to them. The Profile tab will allow you see the projects you have you backed, past and present, and allow you to make changes to your profile. Overall, the app is simple and streamlined yet full featured enough to allow you to use it without having to sacrifice any facet of the website. Kickstarer for iPhone is free now on the App Store.

Highly Anticipated Email Management App, Mailbox, Arrives In The App Store

Email is an old medium that Orchestra has decided to overhaul in their new iPhone App, Mailbox. Using intuitive hand gestures, you can quickly go through your email by just swiping across the screen. A quick swipe to the right archives your message while a longer slide deletes your message. Scan an email chain quickly with a conversation like view or snooze an email with a tap of a button. The snooze feature allows you to take care of an email at a later time with options for later that day, tomorrow, or even the weekend. When you have checked all your email for the time being, it will leave your screen empty, creaing a clean and zero inbox. Due to the high demand however, there is currently a reservation system in place which queues you behind other users who have requested an invite. The app is available now on the App Store for free.

Wally. A Reimagined iPhone Wallet.

Don’t like carrying so much in your pockets when you go out? Look to the Wally iPhone wallet to help you out. Most iPhone cases on the market that dual function as a wallet are bulky and limit access to your phone. Wally is a slim, stick-on leather pocket that fits on the back of your iPhone via micro suction instead of glue or magnets. It uses a discreet pull-tab to accommodate 3 cards and is handcrafted with premium Italian leather in the USA. The Wally comes in black and brown and works for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. Funding is already at more than double the original goal and starts at $40 on Kickstarter.

Studio Neat Looks To Reinvent March Madness With It’s Simple Bracket iPhone App

The duo behind the Glif tripod mount for iPhone and the Cosmonaut stylus are back at Kickstarter again to raise funds for their new Simple Bracket App for the iPhone. Their goal with this project is to reinvent the way people fill out brackets for college basketball’s March Madness. For those unfamiliar, March Madness is a time every year in which 68 teams play in a single elimination tournament. Enthusiasts of the game will fill out brackets trying to predict which teams will continue on in the tournament, including the President

Simple Bracket works to redo the way brackets are filled out on smartphones by allowing the entire bracket to be viewed as one scrollable list instead of having it all fit onto a small screen. They also claim to use a better scoring system developed by a biostatistician that takes into account more refined statistics like team seed and chances of winning each round. Finally, it brings playing with friends into the digital age by pairing it up with your Twitter account. Funding will complete on March 5, 14 days before the tournament starts.

Parrot Flower Power, Keep Track Of Your Plants With Real Time Data

Bring 21st century technology to gardening with Parrot’s new Flower Power sensor. Using the bluetooth enabled bio dongle, you can receive real time data on your plants soil moisture, temperature, sunlight, and fertilizer. Along with this information, you will get push notifications to remind you of your plant’s needs. The device is as simple as setting it into the soil of your plant. That’s it. Now you can check your plants data and see what it needs with the companion app for your phone. With over 6,000 plants in their database, you can be sure that it will be tailored towards your needs. No availability or price yet but expect it come out sometime this year.