‘Infinity Blade: Dungeons’ Put On Hold Indefinitely As Epic Games Shuts Down Impossible Studios

Epic Games announced yesterday the closer of Impossible Studios, the team that had been hard at work on Infinity Blade: Dungeons. Founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney announced via their community page that, “It was a bold initiative and the Impossible folks made a gallant effort, but ultimately it wasn’t working out for Epic.”

First announced during Apple’s iPad 3 event last year, Infinity Blade: Dungeons had seen its first signs of trouble last October when the game was delayed till 2013. Tim Sweeney also promised all Impossible Studios employees 3 months of severance pay along with allowing them the opportunity to form a new company using the same name. Considering the Infinity franchise has been a huge hit for them, it wouldn't be a surprise if this came out sooner than later.

Studio Neat Looks To Reinvent March Madness With It’s Simple Bracket iPhone App

The duo behind the Glif tripod mount for iPhone and the Cosmonaut stylus are back at Kickstarter again to raise funds for their new Simple Bracket App for the iPhone. Their goal with this project is to reinvent the way people fill out brackets for college basketball’s March Madness. For those unfamiliar, March Madness is a time every year in which 68 teams play in a single elimination tournament. Enthusiasts of the game will fill out brackets trying to predict which teams will continue on in the tournament, including the President

Simple Bracket works to redo the way brackets are filled out on smartphones by allowing the entire bracket to be viewed as one scrollable list instead of having it all fit onto a small screen. They also claim to use a better scoring system developed by a biostatistician that takes into account more refined statistics like team seed and chances of winning each round. Finally, it brings playing with friends into the digital age by pairing it up with your Twitter account. Funding will complete on March 5, 14 days before the tournament starts.

Google Chrome iOS Browser Now Available

Google is on a ramped release, its latest offering is Chrome browser for iOS. Google's Chrome app is now available for free to download in the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Chrome for iOS displays like its desktop counterpart on the iPad while on the iPhone and iPod Touch tabs open up in deck of cards-like orderly fashion and close when you swipe them off the screen. Chrome for iOS features account syncing that brings all of your open tabs, bookmarks and omnibox data from your computer to your iOS device, and 'Incognito' which lets users browse the web in private mode without saving history, data and tracking cookies.

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IK Multimedia Announces iRig iOS Accessories For Mobile Podcasting and Music Making

IK Multimidie has announced three new iPhone, iPad and iPod touch peripherals joining the likes of their Amplitube Adapter and iMac accessories. The iRig MIC Cast, iRIG MIX, and iRig Stomp are their latest products. The MIC Cast is a mic aimed toward mobile podcasters that hooks up to your iOS device through its headphone jack and has a unidirectional mic and a 3.5mm port for headphone monitoring. The MIC Cast is a tad bit bigger than the Square credit card reader and matches the slimness of the iPhone. It does include recording and voice processing apps to get things perfect. This device comes out in Q1 this year for €29.99($38). Check out the rest inside!

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Jays Release t-Jays Four Headset

JAYS has released yet another pair of in-ear headset called the t-Jays Four, and extending its line of quality headset offerings. The t-Jays Four set to bring the best sound quality out of them all with the same high quality, MEMS microphone and full-featured 3-button remote found on the a-Jays Four iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users will come to appreciate thanks to the metal band design. The t-Jays Four aren't built differently from the t-Jays Three we've reviewed and only bring remote and mic functionality that's fully compatible with iOS devices to the plate. The same 10mm TCD dynamic drivers, tangle-free cable and black matte coating are found on the t-Jays Four in-ear headset. It will be available in November for $129.

Protect Your iPhone 4S With These iOS Icon Sleeves

Just jumped on a new iPhone 4S? These faux leather sleeves made to fit the iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and even the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch, might not be made by Apple nor officially licensed, but who really cares? These look awesome. Etsy is a place where individuals can sell awesome stuff like these handmade iOS icon sleeves at $18 a pop. Too bad they aren't device specific though. I want to see more please!

Revo K2 Speaker Dock Is To Lust For

Revo's new K2 might be the most amazing digital radio speaker dock I've ever seen. Enclosed inside this aluminum and moulded rubber tower are a series of 4, 58mm Balanced Mode Radiator speaker drivers and dual Audium Class-D amplifiers for a room filing, 360 degree sound that is promised to have a clear and detailed high-end, rich tones and lets not forget the deep bass. In order to take control of the K2's features, a fully featured button control area is located at the top of the tower while a large OLED display helps you see what internet radio station you're listening to while the motorized dock slides out and enables docking for Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod. No word on if the K2 has any clock or alarm capabilities, though it's safe to assume that a clock interface is likely to be include in there somewhere. I know I would love to put that gorgeous white OLED display to good use any chance I get. 

The K2 isn't only capable of streaming internet radio but also supports other radio formats such as DAB, DAB+, FM and even Last.fm integration. Other features the K2 boasts include an array of connection options like stereo RCA, LAN, digital optical out, Apple video out and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Revo's K2 speaker dock is WiFi enabled for wireless music streaming from any Mac or PC. Users will have access to a free iOS app made by Revo called RadioControl that acts as a remote control and also enables users to access their iTunes music library to wirelessly stream content to the K2 speaker dock.

The Revo K2 will be available worldwide on October 17 with a £299.95 price tag. No word on US pricing. This is one fully featured speaker dock any Apple enthusiast will surely fall in love with. Take that all you other plastic speaker docks!

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